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Stock Market Guides Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Stock Market Guides offers as a subscription-based service focused on helping people make profits in the stock market. The platform distinguishes itself by delivering data-driven trade alerts backed by meticulous historical backtesting. Central to its operations is a proprietary scanner engineered to identify real-time trading opportunities.

Stock Market Guides sets itself apart within the investment world by providing subscribers access to a scanner renowned for its ability to pinpoint historical trade setups with a demonstrated history of success. The platform is adept at tailoring its offerings to suit the needs of both swing traders and long-term investors, leveraging well-established stock chart patterns and technical indicators to formulate trade alerts.

This review aims to critically assess Stock Market Guides’ overall value and performance in the context of its specialized tools and services for investors. Let’s begin.

Services at Stock Market Guides

Stock Market Guides offers trade alerts catering to both stock and option traders.  Here are their services:

Stock Picking Service

Stock Market Guides will send you trade alerts when their scanner finds a chart pattern or trading indicator where that specific stock has a history of success. 

Their trade alerts are sent in real-time by text or email.  They send some stock trade alerts before the market opens and some during market hours. 

For each stock pick, they tell you the stock ticker symbol, the time to enter the trade, the time to exit the trade, and the trading strategy that the trade setup is based on.

Option Picking Service 

Stock Market Guides also offers a service that sends you trade alerts for their option picks.

It operates similarly to their stock picking service, as described above, but it’s for options.  That means when they specify a ticker symbol, it’s an option ticker symbol, and it includes the underlying stock, the expiration date, the option type (call or put), and the strike price.

Stock Market Guides Trade Alerts

Stock Market Guides’ trade alerts provide all the particulars for each trade idea, including the precise ticker symbol, optimal entry and exit points, and the trading strategy used. Additionally, each trade alert links to fundamental data for the underlying stock, such as its industry classification, employee count, and market cap.

Stock Market Guides Pros and Cons

Stock Market Guides has a unique service that includes a lot of features.  There are things we really like about the service, but they come with some tradeoffs to consider.


  • Approach Based on Statistical Research 

These guys don’t make stock picks based on hype or exaggeration.  It’s all based on data.  Utilizing a rigorous research methodology known as backtesting, Stock Market Guides analyzes historical data to derive performance metrics for trade setups.

  • Service Includes a Proprietary Scanner

Their scanner not only finds stocks and options set up for trade opportunities but also shows the historical track record of the trade setup for that particular stock or option.  It does all this in real-time.  We don’t know of any other service that provides this sort of feature, and we absolutely love it.

  • Trade Alerts by Text or Email

They send a trade alert each time they make a new stock or option pick.  You can enable the trade alerts to be sent by text or email, whichever is more convenient.

  • Investment Newsletter

They send out regular emails to subscribers that offer analysis about the market and their stock and option picks.

  • Support from Trading Pros

Subscribers can ask questions directly to the trading professionals they have on staff.  Their contact information is easy to access, and we found their responsiveness to be wonderful. 

  • Customizable Picks

Stock Market Guides is different than a lot of other stock picking services.  They provide trade ideas for many different tickers, time frames, and strategies.  This allows you to filter which ones you see and get alerts for.  It’s nice to be able to fine-tune the picks so that you only get ones that are up your alley.

  • Good for Beginners

They have a lot of guides available to help novices, including tutorials like “How to Buy Stocks” and “How to Read an Options Chain.”  On top of that, their customer support staff has expressed a clear eagerness to help people no matter how basic their questions are.

  • Lack of Hype

A lot of companies in this industry are, to be blunt, charlatans.  They give you two scoops of hype and try to sell, sell, sell.  It’s different with these guys.  They just lay out the facts, including the risks involved, and seem to be more focused on truly helping people to make informed trading decisions.


  • Dependence on Historical Data

History can often give us great information about tendencies and trends.  That said, it certainly doesn’t guarantee what the future holds.  We’d certainly rather have visibility into historical performance than not, but there is no guarantee of success.  This holds true for any stock advisory service out there.

Sports offer a good example of this phenomenon.  If you have a baseball player who hit at least 30 home runs three years in a row, you might expect that he can do it again in the forthcoming year.  Knowing his track record helps you make a well-informed prediction, but there is no guarantee that he will be able to do it. 

  • Customer Discretion

This service is one where there are a lot of trade alerts.  With that being the case, there is a lot of discretion left in customers’ hands. 

For many people, that’s perfect and exactly what they want.  For others, they might be looking for a service where there is one single trade to follow each week and where there are not a lot of picks to choose from.  Seeing too many picks could lead to analysis paralysis for some people.

Stock Market Guides’ Alert Performance

Stock Market Guides’ returns for their trade alerts are based on backtesting.  The average annualized return in backtests is notable for each service:

  • Stock Picking Service: 79.4%
  • Option Picking Service: 150.4%    

If their trade alerts continue to perform at that level, they will offer returns way beyond the market’s normal historical rate of return.  That said, Stock Market Guides makes it clear that these trade alerts come with amplified risk relative to, say, buying and holding a market ETF.

Pricing and Signing Up

No review is complete without an overview of the pricing structure. Luckily, Stock Market Guides is straightforward with their pricing and doesn’t hide any fees. Here is an overview of the pricing for the services at Stock Market Guides:

  • Stock Picking Service:  $69/month
  • Option Picking Service:  $69/month

You can also get both services for a discount.  Here are the bundle prices:

  • Stock and Option Picking Bundle:  $95/month or $675/year

You can sign up for their service by clicking here.

Final Verdict

We really like Stock Market Guides.  Their scanner technology is a game changer and gives very valuable information to subscribers in real-time.  We don’t know of any other company that offers this specific information for each trade setup.

They cater to a diverse audience, including people with busy schedules looking for ways to get amplified returns in the market but don’t have the time or expertise to handle it all themselves.

On top of that, they appear to be straight shooters, unlike many other firms in this industry. We would gladly recommend Stock Market Guides to anyone who is looking for ways to profit in the stock market.

But, as always, stock or any kind of trading is risky. This is not financial advice and we always recommend to do your due diligence before signing up for any stock market service

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