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10 Angel Investing Platforms to Fund Your Next Venture

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Angel investing platforms emerge as a viable financing option for entrepreneurs to kickstart their startups. The rise of angel investors has paved the way for startups to finance business operations at the cost of ownership. While this might deter some startups from exploring such financing options, angel investing is possible by clearly laying out your investment goals beforehand. 

Speaking on the matter, Elena Nikolova, a CEO Angels Club community manager and ESCREO co-founder, said: “Angel investors do more for the business than secure funding. They support the startup, give them the network, and the knowledge to succeed. They help establish a professional relationship, and they call it mentoring.”

Angel investing is a preferred financing option for many entrepreneurs as they actively get involved in the business. This could prove invaluable for the startup, as angel investors bring a wealth of expertise and contacts to the disposal of the startups

So should entrepreneurs seek funding through angel investing platforms? The obvious answer is yes, they should. Not only do angel investors provide the financial support startups need, but they’re a resource to be utilized. 

However, there’s one notable downside. Namely, the market is overly saturated with angel investing platforms, making choosing the right one a daunting task. But no mission is impossible.

Fortunately for entrepreneurs, the internet makes connecting with potential angel investors possible in just a few clicks. So all that it takes to secure the funding for your next venture is doing some research. 

But we’re here to offer a helping hand. So that’s why this article will explore ten top-quality angel investing platforms that can help entrepreneurs connect with potential investors and propel their ventures forward. 

Before diving into the list, let’s outline the criteria for selecting these platforms and discuss the key features that make them invaluable for entrepreneurs.

Criteria for Selection

We considered several essential criteria to ensure that the angel investing platforms listed in this article are of the highest quality. These criteria encompass key concerns that entrepreneurs may have when seeking outside investments. Those are the following:

  • Diverse Investor Network: The ideal platform should have a vast network of active angel investors from various industries and backgrounds, increasing the chances of finding a suitable investor for every entrepreneurial venture.
  • Robust Due Diligence Process: A rigorous due diligence process is crucial to attracting serious investors. The platforms must vet and verify investors, ensuring entrepreneurs connect with trustworthy and reliable individuals or groups. Doing so essentially reduces scams and time-wasting for entrepreneurs. 
  • Access to Capital: The platforms should provide access to a substantial pool of capital, allowing entrepreneurs to secure the funding they require to bring their ventures to life.
  • Investor-Entrepreneur Matchmaking: Efficient matching algorithms or personalized support should be available to help entrepreneurs find investors who align with their specific needs, interests, and industry focus.
  • Supportive Ecosystem: A strong support ecosystem, including mentorship programs, educational resources, and networking opportunities, can significantly enhance the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Transparent Terms and Fees: The platforms should have clear and transparent terms and fee structures, ensuring entrepreneurs fully understand the financial implications before engaging with potential investors.

With that out the way, let’s look at our top ten angel investing platform picks that meet our criteria.

Top 10 Angel Investing Platforms

Investor NetworkDue Diligence (User + Investors)Access to CapitalInvestor-Entrepreneur MatchmakingSupportive EcosystemTerms and Fee Transparency


Known as one of the largest and most popular angel investing platforms, AngelList provides entrepreneurs access to a vast network of angel investors and venture capitalists. 

According to DMR, AngelList has over 3.6 million active users and over 95,000 active startup listings, making it one of the more competitive angel investing platforms. Since 2013, the platform has secured over $2.3 billion in capital funding

Signing up on the platform requires startups to go through a rigorous application process, fill up forms, and provide proof of existence. The same applies to potential angel investors, investment syndicates, and venture capitalists. 

But AngelList is more than an angel investing platform. According to Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, the platform’s founders, AngelList allows startups to raise funds from accredited investors and hire employees. The latter is particularly interesting, as AngelList hosts more than 700,000 devs, designers, product managers, and other professionals looking to fill positions in emerging startups. 

When it comes to notable features, AngelList offers features such as syndicate funds, personalized introductions, and a robust due diligence process. 

Pro Tip: Due to the high number of startups, the best way to secure funding on AngelList is to outline key reasons why you believe angel investors should invest in your startup.


Another prominent angel investing platform is Gust. Gust has emerged as a global service, connecting entrepreneurs with a vast network of angel investors and venture capitalists. With its extensive investor network and advanced matching algorithms, Gust simplifies finding the right investors for each venture.

The platform connects startups with over 85,000 accredited investors and over 1,000 angel investing groups and syndicates. The platform also boasts similar funding numbers since its inception, with over $2 billion in investments and capital funding. Furthermore, the platform operates in over 190 countries, making it a truly international platform that transcends geographical boundaries and opens doors to a diverse pool of investors.

But there’s one thing that separates Gust from other angel investing platforms. Namely, Gust operates under the Company-as-a-Service model. The interesting thing about them is they help you set up your startup on the platform and assist you throughout the registration process. 

Pro Tip: Building up your startup and applying to incubators and accelerators is the best way to find suitable angel investors and groups to fund your venture. 


SeedInvest is a leader in equity crowdfunding and a platform that has gained significant recognition in the startup investment space. As an entrepreneur seeking funding for your next venture, SeedInvest offers a platform that connects you with accredited investors interested in supporting early-stage startups

Since 2013, SeedInvest has attracted more than 700,000 investors and has raised more than $2 billion. In 2022, SeedInvest was acquired by StartEngine, another prominent angel investing platform. According to StartEngine CEO Howard Marks, the acquisition helps investors and startups by pooling both platform resources to provide more opportunities. 

The platform’s primary focus is facilitating equity-based fundraising, providing a unique opportunity for startups to secure the capital they need to fuel their growth.

With SeedInvest, startups gain access to a curated selection of investment opportunities. The platform’s rigorous due diligence process ensures that only high-potential startups with promising business models and growth prospects are showcased. 

This attention to quality helps attract serious investors who are actively looking to support innovative ventures. 

What sets SeedInvest apart is its commitment to investor education and support. The platform provides resources and tools to help entrepreneurs navigate fundraising, including educational materials, networking opportunities, and access to experienced mentors. 

These resources can prove invaluable in refining your pitch, understanding investor expectations, and building relationships with potential backers.

Pro Tip: Go through these resources to help secure funding for your next venture. 


CircleUp is an angel investing platform focusing on consumer products and retail startups. If you are an entrepreneur operating in these industries, CircleUp provides a tailored platform to connect with angel investors who are genuinely interested in your sector.

One of CircleUp’s notable strengths is its data-driven investment opportunity approach. The platform utilizes machine learning and predictive analytics to assess companies, leveraging vast data to evaluate their potential for success. 

This data-driven methodology provides investors with valuable insights and helps entrepreneurs highlight their businesses’ unique strengths and growth potential.

Additionally, CircleUp offers a comprehensive support ecosystem for startups. Through their CircleUp Network, entrepreneurs gain access to industry experts, mentors, and advisors who can guide various aspects of their business. This supportive community fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling startups to thrive and reach their full potential.

Pro Tip: CircleUp primarily caters to early-stage consumer brands. Therefore, operating in the consumer products or retail sectors enhances your chances of securing funding on the platform.


Fundable is an angel investing platform facilitating equity-based fundraising for startups and small businesses. With Fundable, entrepreneurs can showcase their business ideas and connect with a community of potential investors interested in supporting early-stage ventures.

Fundable has over a decade of experience raising funds for startups and businesses, resulting in over $570 million raised from 20,000 accredited investors.

One key advantage of Fundable is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the fundraising process for entrepreneurs. The platform provides intuitive tools for creating compelling fundraising campaigns, including pitch videos, product descriptions, and financial projections. These elements help capture the attention of investors and effectively communicate your startup’s value proposition.

Fundable also offers investor matchmaking services, leveraging its network to connect startups with potential backers. The platform’s matchmaking algorithms aim to identify investors with a genuine interest in your industry or sector, increasing the likelihood of finding suitable funding partners.

Furthermore, Fundable has built a supportive community that provides educational resources, networking opportunities, and expert guidance. This ecosystem empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the fundraising journey successfully and build valuable connections within the startup ecosystem.

Pro Tip: Leverage Fundable’s intuitive tools to create fundraising campaigns to capture the attention of potential accredited angel investors. 


MicroVentures is one of the oldest angel investing platforms to call the internet their home. The platform combines traditional venture capital with equity crowdfunding, providing entrepreneurs access to diverse investors. The platform focuses on startups at various stages, from early-stage ventures to more established businesses seeking additional funding.

MicroVentures has managed to raise over $450 million since its inception in 2009. Moreover, the platform boasts an impressive 200,000 investors and over 1,000 startups

One of MicroVentures’ key strengths is its commitment to investor verification and due diligence. The platform conducts thorough background checks on potential investors to ensure their legitimacy and adherence to applicable regulations. This emphasis on investor vetting gives startups peace of mind, knowing they are engaging with serious and credible investors.

MicroVentures also offers ongoing support throughout the fundraising process. Entrepreneurs receive assistance with deal structuring, valuation, and legal documentation, which can be complex and challenging for startups without extensive legal expertise. This support helps streamline the fundraising journey and allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses.

Furthermore, MicroVentures provides a platform for startups to showcase their investment opportunities to a wide range of investors. By leveraging their extensive network, entrepreneurs can gain exposure to potential backers with a particular interest in their industry or niche.

Pro Tip: MicroVentures has a rigorous application process for startups seeking angel investing funding. The application process can take up to a month, so provide the necessary information to ensure your approval. 


Republic is an equity crowdfunding and angel investing platform that aims to democratize investing by allowing a broader pool of investors to participate in early-stage funding rounds. As an entrepreneur, Republic allows you to tap into this diverse investor community, which numbers and gain exposure to individuals passionate about supporting innovative startups.

Republic has had impressive growth since its inception in 2017. Over the years, it’s attracted more than 2.5 million community investors and funded over 2,000 startups across 150 countries. The total number of raised funds through Republic’s platform numbers $2.5 billion.

What makes Republic unique is its focus on mission-driven companies and startups with a social impact. If your venture aligns with environmental, social, or governance (ESG) principles, Republic can be an ideal platform to attract investors who share your vision and values.

Republic also provides a range of support services to assist entrepreneurs throughout the fundraising process. From campaign creation and investor relations to compliance and legal guidance, the platform offers comprehensive resources to help startups navigate the complexities of equity crowdfunding.

Additionally, Republic offers the potential for secondary market liquidity, allowing investors to trade their shares. This liquidity feature provides added flexibility and can attract investors who value the ability to sell their investments before an eventual exit or liquidity event.

Pro Tip: Republic’s diverse and huge number of community investors are interested in environmental and social startups. You have the biggest chance of securing angel investors if you operate in these sectors. 


FundersClub is an online venture capital firm and of the most rigorous angel investing platforms. The platform focuses on connecting accredited investors with early-stage startups. The platform offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to secure funding from a community of experienced investors who bring capital and valuable industry knowledge and expertise.

FundersClub is interested in only the most promising of startups. According to FundersClub Co-Founder Alexander Mittal, only 2% of startups are made available on the platform

So far, FundersClub has funded over 350 startups and has raised over $180 million. Despite the low figures, compared to other angel investing platforms on our list, the total portfolio valuation of these companies is over $30 billion

The access to top-tier and high-quality startups is the most notable aspect of FundersClub. The platform’s rigorous selection process ensures that only a small percentage of applicants are accepted, resulting in a curated portfolio of high-potential ventures. This exclusive approach attracts investors seeking unique investment opportunities and willing to support promising startups.

FundersClub also provides ongoing support to its portfolio companies. Startups benefit from the platform’s network of mentors and advisors who offer guidance on various aspects of their businesses. This mentorship and industry expertise can prove invaluable in shaping strategy, making connections, and overcoming challenges.

Furthermore, FundersClub offers a streamlined fundraising process for entrepreneurs. The platform provides valuable tools and resources to help startups create compelling investment materials, navigate legal requirements, and effectively communicate their value proposition to potential investors.

Pro Tip: Creating an exceptional campaign that captivates the platform’s attention gives you the best chance of becoming one of the 2% startups to get accepted on FundersClub. 


We mentioned StartEngine as an angel investing platform that acquired SeedInvest in late 2022. StartEngine is yet another equity crowdfunding and angel investing platform that aims to democratize investment opportunities for both accredited and non-accredited investors. 

With StartEngine, entrepreneurs can raise funds from a broad base of individuals passionate about supporting startups and emerging businesses.

StartEngine has an impressive number of prospective investors, reaching 1.7 million. So far, StartEngine has raised over $1.1 billion in combined capital and has completed over 1,000 funding rounds

One of StartEngine’s standout features is its focus on regulation crowdfunding (Reg CF) campaigns, which allow non-accredited investors to invest in startups. This inclusive approach broadens the pool of potential investors for entrepreneurs and increases the chances of successful fundraising campaigns.

StartEngine also offers a range of additional services to support entrepreneurs beyond fundraising. One such service is the access to a vast network of mentors, experts, and industry insiders who can offer valuable guidance and connections. This comprehensive support ecosystem helps startups navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses beyond the initial funding stage.

Furthermore, StartEngine provides a user-friendly interface for entrepreneurs to create compelling fundraising campaigns. The platform offers tools for building pitch decks, creating video presentations, and showcasing key metrics and financial projections. These features help entrepreneurs effectively communicate their vision and attract potential investors.

Pro Tip: Utilize the supporting tools to help pitch your idea to potential accredited and non-accredited investors. 


Finally, there’s Wefunder. Wefunder is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that enables entrepreneurs to raise funds from a diverse group of investors. The platform also follows the democratization model, giving startups access to accredited and non-accredited investors to participate in funding rounds.

Wefunder allows potential angel investors to invest as little as $100 in startups they love. According to Wefunder CEO Nick Tommarello, Wefunder has managed to raise over $650 million and has an impressive number of 2.5 million investors

One of Wefunder’s strengths is its emphasis on community building. The platform fosters a sense of collaboration and support among entrepreneurs, investors, and the wider startup ecosystem. This community-driven approach provides opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and mentorship, creating a nurturing environment for startups.

Wefunder also offers a range of support services to assist entrepreneurs in their fundraising efforts. From guiding campaign creation to facilitating investor outreach and communications, the platform equips startups with the resources needed to run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Furthermore, Wefunder has a unique focus on Main Street investing. The platform encourages investment in local businesses and startups that have a tangible impact on their communities. This localized approach can attract investors passionate about supporting businesses in their neighborhoods or regions.

Pro Tip: Wefunder prefers local startups and businesses that adopt a sense of community. Managing to convince the platform you have these qualities gives you the most chance of attracting potential angel investors. 


For entrepreneurs seeking funding for their next venture, angel investing platforms provide an effective and efficient way to connect with potential investors. The ten platforms outlined in this article offer a range of features and services to significantly enhance entrepreneurs’ chances of securing the investments they need. 


What is the best website for angel investors?

The top angel investor websites include:

What is the biggest angel investment platform?

The biggest angel investment platform is AngelList, with over 3.6 million users and investors, 95,000 startups, and over $2.3 billion in capital raised.

What is an angel investor platform?

An angel investor platform is a platform that connects startups with potential angel investors. These investors can be accredited or non-accredited, depending on the platform. An angel investor platform allows startups to create their profiles and convince potential angel investors to invest in their businesses.

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