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4 Best Swing Trading Discord Servers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Swing trading is getting more and more popular, especially with investors that have access to new sources of information such as swing trading subreddits or swing trading discord servers – platforms that are popular with new and young investors.

In this article, we will name the best 4 swing trading discord servers that we encountered while doing our research. For those who don’t know what swing trading is, it’s a style of investing where the investor holds it for a short amount of time, in a range of a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Let’s dig in and see our 4 best swing trading discord servers.

Gains Everyday Investors

This is a small community server with 100 members, you have a trial period of 7 days to join and see if it’s worth it to continue your subscription. The server focuses on daily tips, and everything is based on thorough research. You can also ask questions and get answers from the professionals on the server. Although it only has 100 members, this is one of the most active stock discord groups we encountered.

Here you also get daily alerts on the changes in the stocks that are being monitored.

Swing Trading Club

The focus of this group is exclusively on swing trading in the stock market.  They’ve been around for a few years, and they have some guys in the group who have been trading for almost a decade. In their swing trading discord, they talk about real-time trade opportunities. The group also has a channel exclusively for watchlists and another one for trade call-outs, so members have plenty of ways to get good trade ideas.  Some members enable the trade call-outs channel to give audible alerts to be a source of trade alerts effectively.

They have separate channels for stock trading and options trading.  That helps keep the trade ideas separated and organized. What we like most about this group is that they appear to be genuinely friendly and helpful.  They don’t make you feel dumb for asking questions, and collectively in the group, there appears to be quite a bit of knowledge about swing trading strategies.


Slow Swing Trading

This is a great server for new traders, you can find a lot of educated traders here that are willing to help out. The server is focused on swing trading, and it chooses its trade very carefully and keeps the trades a bit longer than what we usually see in swing trading. This method is perfect for people who are busy and can’t do their analysis on daily basis.

The server has 500 members with mods, and experienced traders are always online.

Trendz Traderz

Trendz Traderz is a free server filled with experienced traders. It has 600 members, with a constantly active chat and daily updates and alerts. They also offer a VIP membership.

The server is constantly monitoring new trends and news updates that impact the stock prices, so you will be up to date with all the happenings. Investors here also do the analysis and reasons behind investments publicly.

It focuses on swing trading, and fast stock trading. So it’s a perfect fit for anyone looking for a fast swing trading discord server.

Bonus Tip – Stock Market Guides

Stock market guides offers a swing trading alert service where an alert is sent for every trade they make. Based on historical statistics that helps you buy low and sell high using swing trades. The alerts they provide are exclusively reliant on data and based on a track record of success in backtests. 

Final Words

Every investment is risky, and there are a lot of things we can do to measure the risk on investment, but we suggest starting by improving your sources of information. We can’t stress this enough, remember after you hear or read something do your OWN research!

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