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Barron’s Review: Is It Worth It For the Money?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Since 1921, Barron’s has been a reliable and leading source of financial information for investors, both rookies and experts. The website publishes daily articles, weekly summaries, insight and analysis into stocks, and much more. But Barron’s also offers investors the option to subscribe and gain access to extra perks. Our Barron’s review will answer whether subscribing to Barron’s is worth the money. 

The review focuses on the main selling points of the financial news magazine, including its features. The aim of our Barron’s review guide is to help investors determine whether Barron’s is worth subscribing to. So, let’s begin.

Quick Summary:

  • Barron’s is a reliable outlet with more than 100 years of expertise to back it up.
  • Barron’s is an excellent source of financial news and information on US markets. 
  • Barron’s offers a broad range of expert financial news coverage from award-winning analysts. 
  • Barron’s subscription provides access to exclusive market research and data, stock picks, tools, digital app, and podcasts. 
  • Barron’s is not meant for beginner and casual investors. 

What Is Barron’s?

Barron’s is a financial news outlet offering financial insights and analysis on the latest market trends, stocks, and investment strategies for over 100 years. Barron’s was founded by Dow Jones & Company, acting as an industry leader in financial reliability news reliability. 

The news outlet aims to help investors make informed decisions by providing comprehensive, objective, and independent research. In addition, the news outlet publishes daily articles on the news in the US financial markets. However, Barron’s also comes with a subscription plan, which gives investors exclusive perks, including recommendations on stock picks, portfolio investment ideas, and exclusive content relevant to your financial interests.

These extra perks make subscribing to Barron’s a tempting proposition for the average and seasoned investor. But is subscribing to Barron’s worth the money

Barron’s Pricing

Despite providing daily articles on financial news and markets, Barron’s primarily operates on a subscription model. Therefore, Barron’s is, technically, a subscription-based financial service. Let’s look at the two pricing options to define Barron’s pricing.

Barron’s Digital Package

Barron’s Digital package grants access to the Barron’s website (including all online content). Choosing the digital package comes with an introductory offer, including a 30-day free trial and $4.99 monthly. However, this is an offer only for first-time subscribers. After that, the digital subscription costs $19.99/month ($239.88/year) if you pay monthly. Barron’s also offers quarterly, semi-annually, and annual subscription plans, which also come at a discount. 

Barron’s Digital & Print Package

Barron’s Digital & Print package is slightly more expensive at $29.99 per month ($259.99/year). As the package’s name suggests, it allows investors to read Barron’s digitally and in print. Likewise, as the digital package, Barron’s offers discounts if you pay quarterly, semi-annually, and annually for the subscription. 

Other Packages

Barron’s also offers corporate and student subscriptions. You can learn more about these packages on their website. 

What Does Barron’s Offer?

At the beginning of our Barron’s review, we mentioned that the outlet offers investors financial news and information. But Barron’s offers much more than that. So, here is what investors can expect from Barron’s subscription:

  • Exclusive access to research reports, articles, opinion pieces, and more
  • In-depth analysis of stocks and stock picks, ETFs, bonds, emerging markets, cryptocurrencies, and options
  • Commentary on financial news and market insights from industry experts and analysts
  • Customizable watchlists, alerts, and other tools
  • Access to the Barron’s mobile app that comes with real-time stock quotes and news updates
  • Access to Barron’s podcasts from industry experts and award-winning analysts
  • Customer support via phone and live chat

Barron’s Features

The list of features available with Barron’s subscription makes it a must-have for expert investors. Those include: 

Exclusive Access to Market Research and Insight

The exclusive access to financial news and information, including market research and insight, is the most attractive feature of owning a Barron’s account. Barron’s is a leader in the financial industry and has amassed a team of experts to analyze and verify data. 

The experts at Barron’s offer thousands of exclusive articles for investors to utilize when investing in commodities, futures, cryptocurrencies, and bonds. The sheer versatility and range of financial-related topics make Barron’s a standout choice in the financial news industry. 

Exclusive Access to Stock Picks

Yet another standout feature of a Barron’s account is the daily exclusive access to stock picks. Barron’s aims to help investors make informed decisions and find the next investment opportunity. Therefore, their daily stock picks segment allows investors to invest in stocks the experts at Barron’s think might perform well in the future.

Moreover, subscribers get access to the Picks and Pans Tool, a convenient tool that makes it easy for investors to see how previous stock picks have performed. In addition, you also get access to a watchlist tool to monitor and keep track of potential stocks to add to your portfolio.  

Exclusive Access to Barron’s Podcasts

Our Barron’s review mentioned that the outlet also offers subscribers access to several exclusive Barron’s podcasts. These include Barron’s Live, Barron’s Streetwise, Barron’s Advisor, The Readback, and one of the best-performing podcasts, Numbers by Barron’s. 

How Do I Subscribe to Barron’s?

To subscribe to Barron’s:

  1. Visit their website or download their mobile app.
  2. Choose between the Digital or Digital & Print plans when in the subscription plan menu.
  3. Select your term.
  4. Create an account, add a debit or credit card, and complete the process. 

You can cancel your Barron’s subscription at any time. For first-time subscribers, you can use Barron’s introductory offer, which includes a 30-day free trial and slashing prices for the first month

Barron’s Review Summary – Is It Worth It?

Our Barron’s review aims to answer whether a Barron’s subscription is worth it for the money. Of course, whether Barron’s is worth the money depends on your investment goals and needs. Nevertheless, Barron’s can be a valuable resource if you’re looking for comprehensive and objective research on the latest market trends and investment opportunities

The access to exclusive articles and research reports, market insights and commentary from expert analysts, and customizable watchlists and alerts can help you make informed investment decisions.

However, Barron’s is designed for seasoned investors and veterans of the industry who closely follow and monitor the US markets. As a result, Barron’s may not be worth the price if you’re a casual investor not looking to make frequent trades or stay up-to-date on the latest market news. 

Additionally, the subscription cost can add up over time, and there are free alternatives to Barron’s that provide similar information.

If you like our Barron’s review, make sure also to read our Barron’s vs WSJ review. 

Are Barron’s and WSJ the Same?

While both Barron’s and WSJ offer similar financial news information, their focus differs. Unlike Barron’s, WSJ publishes daily articles outside the world of US financial markets, including technology, lifestyle, and politics.

How Much Does Barron’s Cost?

Barron’s has two subscription plans – Digital and Digital & Print. Their Digital subscription costs $19.99/month, while their Digital & Print subscription costs $29.99/month. If you’re a first-time subscriber, you can expect a 30-day free trial and a $4.99 /month introductory offer.

Can I Read Barron’s For Free?

You can read Barron’s for Free, but it is severely limited compared to having a Barron’s account. 

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