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Is Social Earn Legit? An Honest Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Social Earn, or socialearn, is a platform that promises its users many opportunities to make cash online. It claims you can profit by answering surveys, installing apps, and playing games. You even get $10 for each friend you invite! Sound great, right?

Sadly, Social Earn runs an extremely common scam format that you should be familiar with. Interestingly, many Social Earn reviews fail to mention this particularly interesting aspect.

The most important thing about Social Earn reviews is that many claim the exact opposite. You will not see outrageous claims on their website, and you will find a set of mixed reviews that would leave users wondering whether Social Earn is a scam or a trustworthy website.

The question, then, is what makes Social Earn a scam?

Social Earn or Social (L)earn

If anything, you should look at Social Earn as a learning opportunity. Why? Because it is, admittedly, a decent attempt at a familiar scam. As a user, if you realize that something about Social Earn seems odd, you should be capable of seeing through most scams out there.

Instead of telling users that they will earn mind-boggling sums of money just by clicking here and there, Social Earn takes a milder but more effective approach to lure in potential users. It simply asks for a username, an email, and a password. Additionally, if you have a referral code, you can enter it, and the friend who invited you instantly earns $10.

Regarding tasks, the platform claims to pay $3+ for surveys and $2 for referral link clicks. Direct referrals earn the user $10, and all users are given $25 on signup. For all other tasks, payment rates vary, which means downloading games, testing apps, and many similar activities are valued differently.

As much as it is starting to look like a pyramid scheme, most would say it cannot be one. Although it does not fit the definition, Social Earn is a pyramid scheme at heart. Here is how you, as a potential user, should set up criteria when judging these platforms.

Social Earn Steps

Social Earn or Social Burn?

A simple search would immediately tell you that the platform came out of nowhere. There was never a clear intention behind it, no articles mentioning the platform during its development, and there was never a Social Learn beta. It just popped up one day and was immediately functional and allegedly successful.

Now, it is not like there have never been incredible startups that seemingly came out of the blue. Yet, there is always a noticeable trail behind every one of these startups. If you look hard enough, you can find traces of their inception, development, and success. All these stages are often clearly linked and there for anyone to find. Despite all this, Social Earn just came to be. Nothing more, nothing less. Weird, right? Given its history or lack thereof, any person who has looked into it would ask: is Social Earn legit?

So to answer if Social Earn is legit, no, it is not. But it has made clear attempts to hide its illegitimacy. If you were to look up similar platforms, you would find scores of negative reviews. Social Earn, on the other hand, has a mixed record. Is this because it works for some and not for others?

Social Earn Reviews – What Do They Say?

Actually, Social Earn works only for the people who own it. If you were to go through third-party socialearn reviews, especially on question-and-answer sites such as Quora, you would find users complaining about and praising the platform. As a result, a less experienced person would be interested to find out more about it. More importantly, the same user is less likely to immediately dismiss it as a scam. Instead of betting on a lack of knowledge, Social Earn has placed a more careful bet.

Whoever is behind the platform is aware of the fact that people are not as easy to trick as they were some years ago. Instead of adding fake positive reviews to their website, the Socialearn team has decided to target forums, message boards, question-and-answer sites, and almost any place their platform has been mentioned.

By doing this, Social Earn’s team has tried to bypass credible public opinion – a very useful tool for rooting out superficial scams. But that is not all.

The Price

Similar scam platforms, like the social earn scam, promise their users a lot of money. How much? Sometimes, these platforms claim that their users can earn as much as $20 for downloading a single game. Absurd, right? But what if a platform told you that you could earn $3 for a survey? Well, you would probably think that it is a good deal. But is it really a good deal?

It would be if it were true. Social Earn’s second bet is on unfamiliarity. People know that $10 is too much for a survey, but what about $5, or $3? As survey price often depends on difficulty and length, for this price, you should expect a specialized survey. Specialized surveys, however, are not given to just anyone. They target a specific part of the population that will be able to answer them.

It would take a great deal of effort for platforms like Social Earn to filter their users and offer them tailored surveys. In short, the site must be credible beyond the shadow of a doubt and would likely be certified if it could carry out such tasks.

Social Earn Homepage

Final Words

Finally, is Social Earn legit? Simply put, Social Earn is a careful attempt at a common scam that is guaranteed to fool some users. It will waste your time, and if you fall for it, it will use you as a tool to waste other people’s time.

This reorganized pyramid scheme depends on you completing tasks with the hope of earning some money on the side. After you have accumulated earnings and completed a myriad of tasks, your payout will be indefinitely delayed and customer service will mysteriously disappear.

Here is the Social Earn review verdict – save your time by completely avoiding the platform.


Is Social Earn legit?

Social Earn is not legit. It tries hard to look credible through fake reviews, but in the end, it fails to deliver.

Can you Make Money on Social Earn?

You can, but you will never be able to withdraw that money.

How Does Social Earn Work?

It uses you as not-so-cheap labor to complete tasks. When you complete enough of these tasks and decide to withdraw your money, they cut off all contact.

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