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Home » CloutZap Review: A New Pyramid Scheme?

CloutZap Review: A New Pyramid Scheme?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

As soon as you google CloutZap, you are taken to a mellow green site. The site tells you that you can make between $500 and $1000 today and daily. Sounds tempting, right? Especially when you read a short description of what CloutZap is supposed to be. And what, according to the report, exactly is CloutZap?

It says it is a platform where you can earn money for clicks. How? By accumulating them on your referral link and referral sign-ups. What is more, you can also apparently earn money by completing simple tasks. What are these simple tasks? According to their official website, the tasks are often playing games and testing free apps. You even get a $35 bonus when as you sign up!

So, is CloutZap legit, and can you use the power of social media to make money online? Well, you can do the latter. On the other hand, the former will take some explaining to answer.

A Clean Slate

Firstly, CloutZap is one of those websites that has a relatively clean layout. No invasive pop-ups, no ads, and no in-your-face offers. Well, except one. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a limited-time offer telling you to sign up now for the $35 bonus mentioned earlier. There is also a convenient timer that resets the moment it hits zero. Unlimited limited offers are just the best.

Except for the offer we mentioned, there are no other red flags on the website. That is, in terms of design. The promises, on the other hand, are something else. They are the first tell-tale sign that CloutZap is a scam. Most “apps to make money” scams are the same. They try to make it look like you will be paid for idling. After all, getting clicks on a referral link and making people sign up is not exactly manual labor. It is, however, one of the first warning signs of a pyramid scheme. But more on that later.

CloutZap, conveniently, has two sections. One is the CloutZap review section, and the other is the payment proofs section. The reviews and proof sections, as expected, are wonderful. In fact, every single review shows either a completed transaction, a bitcoin wallet, a personal message praising the platform, or a referral story. In their defense, few platforms would be willing to purposefully put up negative reviews.

That is about what you get when you first visit their website. We gave CloutZap a clean slate and described their business exactly how they wanted. Now, let us discuss whether they are, without a shadow of a doubt, a legitimate platform.

CloutZap Homepage

Enter The Pyramid

We will give you a brief rundown of what happens when you sign up. The CloutZap scam immediately becomes apparent to people who have used similar websites. Why? Because their rates are off the charts. For example, CloutZap first offers to pay you $45 for a single post on Facebook. Again – one Facebook post. Most run-of-the-mill influencers do not make $45 on a post, and it is becoming significantly harder to become an influencer.

Even more shocking, CloutZap promises to pay you $140 for simply downloading and trying a game. But wait, games are not your thing? Well, post a Tik Tok, since that is $80 for you. The rates are clearly not right. Facebook posts, Tik Tok videos, and game testing cost a fraction of the price. It is a red flag that you cannot miss.

Think of it this way. If it were true, how much would CloutZap need to be making in order to pay these people? They would need to have struck a miracle of a deal with an advertiser willing to pay them more than $45 for a post, $140 for a game, and over $80 for a Tik Tok. Let us also not forget that the majority of people signing up probably do not have a lot of followers.

Back to our first question – is CloutZap legit? Let us say that if it were, people would be quitting their jobs left and right for the ludicrous amount of money this platform is offering.

CloutZap Steps

Back To Reality

Some of these “apps to make money” scams have incredibly creative methods of keeping you in the loop. CloutZap, however, does not. You just need to put their curated reviews aside and look at the actual CloutZap reviews. As we mentioned, there is not a single CloutZap review in their review section that has shared a negative experience. Similarly, there is not a single review outside their “official” review section that has shared a positive experience.

If you put in the time and effort, your CloutZap balance will reach impressive sums within a few days. Despite that, the moment you try to withdraw your earnings, they will be delayed immediately. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Nevertheless, many people see it as a harmless scam, but it is not that harmless.

The CloutZap scam makes you waste your time and is betting on your identity. Every single task you get is real. And by real, we mean that someone out there is paying for these tasks. They are just not paying you. The rates for these tasks are also nowhere near the amounts promised by the platform. As a bonus, you are also sharing personal information with CloutZap, and the owners will probably try to sell that information the first chance they get.


Again, is CloutZap legit? Clearly not. CloutZap is nothing more than a cheap scam that will cost you your time and your personal information. You would be much better off spending your time on a platform that will, at the least, pay you whatever spare change you may earn by doing these tasks. It will not be much, but at least it will not make CloutZap’s owners richer by allowing them to exploit unwary users.


How to contact CloutZap?
As with all similar scams, you cannot establish meaningful contact with CloutZap.

Is CloutZap a scam?
Yes, CloutZap is a scam that will cost you your time and personal information.

How does CloutZap work?
It works by giving you tasks that you will complete but never get paid for. The owner, on the other hand, is reaping profits by driving traffic for real clients.

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