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Best High-Paying Online Surveys For Moms

Reading Time: 5 minutes

If you’re sitting at home wondering what the best surveys for moms websites out there are, you’re in luck! 

As the saying goes, motherhood is the hardest job in the world. Raising children while managing a household can be a full-time job in itself. But that doesn’t mean moms can’t make a few extra bucks on the side by doing hassle-free and good-paying surveys. Moreover, many moms would gladly jump the opportunity to make extra income from home if they had it. As luck would have it, online surveys for moms offer the chance to do just that. 

But are online mommy surveys worth it? Yes, they are! Online surveys for moms are both legitimate and safe. They’re hassle-free and only require moms to give their input for a specific product or service or watch advertisements. 

So if you’re wondering how to earn money on the side, this article will explore the world of highest-paying surveys for cash for moms, including how they can make money from surveys and the best survey websites catering to mothers. Let’s begin.

How Can Moms Make Money From Surveys?

Online paid surveys for moms are a great way for moms to earn extra income from home. But how do online surveys for moms work? 

Companies conduct surveys to gather feedback from consumers on their products or services. These surveys can range from short questionnaires to longer surveys that take up to an hour to complete.

Moms earn cash, gift cards, or other rewards by participating in these online surveys. The amount of money or rewards earned varies depending on the survey length, complexity, and the company conducting the survey. Some survey sites also offer referral programs, where moms can earn additional rewards for referring their friends and family to the site.

It’s important to note that taking surveys won’t make you rich, but it can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash in your free time. The great thing about online surveys is they can be done anytime and anywhere. This means moms can take surveys while their children are napping or other downtimes in their day.

How Well Do Surveys For Moms Pay?

Several factors impact the earning potential of online surveys:

  • It depends on the survey website, as some websites pay more than others.
  • It depends on the availability of surveys the website provides.
  • It depends on the complexity of the questions and the company doing the survey.
  • It depends on the length of the survey; longer surveys pay more.

Unfortunately, signing up for an online survey website doesn’t necessarily mean moms will be given any surveys to do. Many online survey websites limit who can and cannot receive surveys. And these limitations have to do with where you live. 

The top-paying surveys online place users with geographical limitations. This means that companies only want users from a specific region or country to do the surveys they offer. So if you’re from a place that doesn’t meet the geographical criteria, you will not qualify for that survey.

With that said, how much can moms make by doing online surveys? Considering all of the aforementioned factors, the safest answer is: it depends

It’s not uncommon for online surveys to pay as much as $300! But to achieve this income level, moms would need to spend hours each day doing these surveys. What moms must remember is that online surveys aren’t full-time jobs. That being said, if you’re willing to put in the hours and commit, online surveys can be an excellent part-time gig.

7 of the Best Online Surveys for Moms 

So now we come to the main part of our guide – what are the best surveys for moms sites? Let’s find out. 


Swagbucks is one of the most popular online survey websites offering various surveys to its users. The popularity of Swagbucks stems from the fact that it offers the highest-paying surveys, ideal for stay-at-home moms! 

In addition to doing online surveys, moms earn cashback on purchases made through the site. Earn online purchases gives you points. Points can be redeemed for Amazon, PayPal, and Walmart gift cards. Not a fan of gift cards? No problem! Swagbucks also pays out in cash. 

Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie is another popular survey website that caters to moms. The site was the first to offer a free sign-up bonus, and it became an instant hit.

Survey Junkie offers surveys on various topics, including household products, food, and entertainment. Each survey takes 15 to 20 minutes, perfect for moms with plenty of spare time. They also pay well, with many surveys paying anywhere between $5 and $50. It’s not uncommon for longer surveys to pay more than the $50 threshold.

But you don’t get the cash instantly. To redeem your earnings, you must reach a 1,000-point threshold. Then, you can redeem your earnings in cash or gift cards – Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, etc.

Survey Junkie also offers a referral program where users can earn points for referring their friends and family to the site.

Pinecone Research 

Pinecone Research is a survey site specializing in product quality and consumer experience. Signing up with Pinecone Research offers stay-at-home moms the possibility to learn about new products before they hit the market. 

Much like other online surveys for moms, Pinecone Research allows moms to earn points for every survey completed. They can then redeem rewards in gift cards or cash. On average, Pinecone Research pays $3 per survey. With both short and long surveys, Pinecone Research is one of the best online surveys for moms sites.


Toluna is an online survey website that allows moms to participate in market research projects. But the best part about Toluna is that they cater surveys to your relevancy. 

The survey topics on Toluna range from beauty to entertainment. Toluna also offers many online surveys for moms and is easy to use. Payments on Toluna are made through PayPal, Amazon, and Tango gift cards. 

The website also has a community forum where users can connect with other members and share their opinions.


InboxDollars is a survey site that offers moms the chance to do online surveys to earn money. But that’s not all. Moms can also earn money by shopping, playing games, and watching videos on InboxDollar. 

The availability of these options makes InboxDollar a popular online survey website for stay-at-home moms. Moms can earn up to $5 per survey and cashback on purchases made through the site. Unlike other online survey sites, InboxDollar pays exclusively in cash, not points.


YouGov is a market research site that specializes in political and social issues. Like other online survey websites, YouGov pays moms for their opinions. 

With each survey, you earn points. You can then redeem points for gift cards or cash. But YouGov heavily restricts users based on demographic and geographic profile. Therefore, not every mom reading about YouGov will receive the number of surveys they want. With that said, YouGov offers surveys on topics such as healthcare, education, and current events. 

Harris Poll Online 

Harris Poll Online is another online survey site that offers surveys on numerous topics. Stay-at-home moms that enroll in the Haris Poll Online Rewards program will get the opportunity to share their opinions on topics from technology and healthcare to economy and finance. 

To receive your rewards, you need to reach a “redemption level.” Each survey gives you a set number of points. Points can be redeemed through Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks gift cards.


Our list of seven online surveys for moms will help you earn extra money on the side. But moms should know that doing online surveys isn’t a full-time job. So for stay-at-home moms looking to earn a few extra bucks, online surveys offer the chance to do that while filling up their free time. 


What is the Best Paying Survey Site for Moms?

The best-paying survey sites for moms include:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkey
  • Pinecone Research
  • Toluna
  • InboxDollars
  • YouGov
  • Harris Poll Online

Are Paid Surveys Worth it?

Paid surveys, or online surveys, are worth it if you have free time to do them. For certain people, such as stay-at-home moms, paid surveys can supplement their income by doing survey jobs. It’s not uncommon for moms to earn anywhere between $100-$300 doing online surveys.

How Do You Get Paid to Take Surveys Legitimately?

Online paid surveys are completely legit, and they pay users to answer questions, watch advertisements, review products or services, etc. Paid surveys usually pay out in gift cards, including Amazon, Apple, PayPal, or Walmart gift cards.

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