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5 Best Day Trading Discord Servers in 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Day trading is a risky thing to do, it’s proven very difficult to guess the right stock daily, so our advice is to get all the help you can find. As you already know, investing is based on information, but you need to be extra careful. Not every “tip” you get is accurate, and people get fooled by that easily. As we said, you need all the help you can get in this game.

Having that in mind, we decided to dig in and find the best day trading discord servers based on people’s opinions, previous success rates, the server’s community, and the willingness to educate its members further.

So without any further ado, we present to you the 5 best day trading servers in 2022 that you should join.

Hercules Investing Discord Server

Hercules is one of the best servers we’ve encountered on Discords, and that’s why we also mention it in our Top 10 Stock Discord Groups list.

The thing that we love about the server is that no question goes unanswered. You might join as a “newbie,” but after a couple of months, it will be like passing Investing 101.

This server covers many fields from the investing racket, and they lead discussions on topics like the stock market, forex trading, day trading, cryptocurrencies, swing trading, and technical analysis. In addition, you can find daily updates on trading watchlists, and it also has live stock trading alerts.

Hercules Day Trading Discord Server

Arcadia Trading Discord Server

Arcadia is another fantastic day trading discord server where you can find daily tips and updates. Everything in the server is recorded live, dated and you can transparently see their success and their misses. Although according to their records their gains look strong, raging from up 500% to 700% in the last 50 trading days.

Here you can also find help on any finance-related issue you have or any investing question. With more than 12 000 members and around 700+ constantly live members, it’s one of the busiest day trading discord server we encountered.

Stonks Society Discord Server

Stonks Society has 3000 members, and 20% of them are constantly active to help out, answer questions and share some insight.

It focuses primarily on educating and helping people improve their financial gains. Here you have daily trading alerts, watchlists and hot stocks that the community follows. Everything from options, day trading to cryptocurrency is allowed here.

College Town Trading

This day trading discord server primarily focuses on college students who want to get involved in trading and gain their financial freedom as soon as possible.

Here you can find frequent discussions on stocks, hot tips for the day, investing news that might inflect on a stock and the reasons behind it, almost everything you need to make the right decision.

College town trading server is a small community with 700 members, but more than enough to make a difference.

Blubbr Discord Server

Blubber might be our favorite one. This server with the whale logo aims to level the playing ground for everyone by giving quality analysis and up-to-date news.

As they say, they want to “strip the fat off from the whales”. For those who don’t know what “whale” means in the finance industry, it’s a person or company with enough power or money to influence the stock price directly.

Here you can find tons of educational material, hot tips, daily updates and quality analysis.

Blubber has 3000 members fighting for the little guy in the finance world.

Final Words

Our top list contains the best day trading discord servers that might help you bring better financial decisions. As we previously mentioned that we firmly believe that information is the keystone to making a good investment. You have to keep in mind to take every “tip” with a grain of salt and always make your research before committing.

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