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Is 30 Dollars an Hour a Good Wage? An In-Depth Analysis

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Is 30 dollars an hour good wage in our ever-changing economy? Determining whether $30 an hour is a good or livable wage comes down to several factors. The constant between these factors is the subjective nature of our economy. The economy determines the price of food, utilities, rent, and so on. 

Moreover, $30 an hour holds different values in different countries. For example, let’s take India. According to Time Doctor’s 2023 data analysis, the average monthly wage in India amounts to 31,900 INR, which is around $389. Using simple math, we conclude that the average hourly wage in India is $2.24 for a 40-hour working week.

Now, compare that to $30 an hour. For an Indian making $30 an hour in their home country, that’s nearly fifteen times the average! An Indian person on that kind of salary can easily support their family, plan for the future, and live a comfortable and perhaps even luxurious life. 

But that doesn’t fully answer the question, especially since most of our readers are interested in the domestic US market economy. Therefore, this article will dive deep into the topic to help you determine whether 30 dollars an hour is a good wage. We will evaluate the various factors that contribute to wage adequacy to come to a conclusion. Let’s begin.

How Much is 30 Dollars an Hour?

$30 dollars an hour amounts to $62,400 a year for a 40-day week and a 52-week year.

What Is a “Good Wage?”

Before delving into the specifics, it is essential to grasp the notion of a “good wage” in different contexts. A good wage is relative to the cost of living, geographical location, industry, and individual circumstances. While $30 an hour might be considered decent in some regions, it could fall short in high-cost metropolitan areas.

While we did mention all this initially, stressing the importance of these different contexts is essential to understanding the concept of a “good wage.” 

$30 an Hour In Our Current Economic Landscape

We must examine the present economic conditions to understand the implications of $30 an hour. As of 2023, the global economy has experienced fluctuations due to various factors such as inflation, job market trends, and government policies. While some sectors have seen rapid growth, others have faced challenges, influencing wage dynamics.

Now, let’s dive deep into our current economic landscape to better understand and hopefully answer the question, “Is 30 dollars an hour good wage.”

Cost of Living Analysis

The cost of living is crucial in determining whether $30 an hour is adequate to live a comfortable life. The cost of living varies significantly from one place to another. For instance, $30 an hour might provide a comfortable lifestyle in a smaller town, but it may only cover basic necessities in a major city

With that said, the cost of living isn’t the only advantage of living in rural America or a small town. Other advantages include a strong sense of community, lower stress, and less pollution. These factors aren’t necessarily important to the topic, but making $30 an hour in a rural American town is infinitely better than living in major cities such as New York or LA. 

But even so, 30 dollars an hour might not even be the national average in rural American towns. ZipRecruiter says the average American rural town worker makes $37.88 an hour, which is $1,515 a week or $78,791 a year

If we take what we said earlier, 30 dollars an hour might not be the average in the bargain-basement regions of the United States. 

Industry and Job Market Analysis

The wage’s value also depends on the industry and job market demand. In certain sectors with high demand for skilled workers, $30 an hour could be considered competitive. Conversely, industries with an oversupply of labor might fall short of a satisfactory income. Fortunately, we can use the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2023 data to determine the average hourly wage in these industries. 

Based on their April 2023 findings, employees in the leisure and hospitality industry have the lowest average hourly earnings, with $21.04 per hour. The highest average is in the utility industry, with $49.44 an hour. This highlights a particularly interesting trend. Namely, utility workers make more because there are fewer of them compared to hospitality and leisure workers. 

IndustryAverage Hourly Wage April 2023
Total Private$33.34
Private Service-Providing$33.26
Financial Activities$42.68
Professional and Business Services$40.14
Private Education and Health Services$32.75
Leisure and Hospitality$21.04
Information taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The report covers the average hourly earnings of employees on private nonfarm payrolls. 

Job Benefits and Perks

Apart from the base wage, job benefits and perks can significantly impact an individual’s overall compensation. These may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and bonuses. Evaluating the extent and value of these benefits will provide a more comprehensive perspective on the worth of a $30-an-hour job.

Career Growth and Potential

Career growth potential is a key aspect when assessing wage adequacy. A job offering $30 an hour might be a stepping stone to higher-paying positions or promotions

With some jobs, there are few career growth opportunities. That significantly reduces the chance to earn more, essentially putting employees in a hard-lock position. 

Again, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has conducted a study and has outlined the 20 fastest-growing occupations. 

OccupationGrowth Rate 2021-2031Hourly Median Pay for 2021
Nurse Practitioners46%$58.02
Wind Turbine Service Technicians44%$27.05
Ushers, Lobby Attendants, Ticket Takers41%$11.75
Motion Picture Projectionists40%$14.11
Data Scientists36%$48.51
Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials35%$37.16
Information Security Analysts33%$49.33
Statisticians 32%$45.95
Umpires, Referees, and other Sports Officials30%$17.12
Athletes and Sports Competitors30%$37.03
Animal Caretakers30%$13.75
Information taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Satisfaction and Work-Life Balance

Job satisfaction is often intertwined with wage satisfaction. While $30 an hour may be sufficient for some individuals who prioritize work-life balance and job contentment, others may seek higher wages to achieve specific financial goals. 

Comparing $30 an Hour With Other Wage Levels

Have $30 an hour become the new $7.25? While it’s silly to assume our current economy has deteriorated to such a low point, we must compare 30 dollars an hour with other wage levels to get a better understanding.

  • Minimum Wage vs. $30 an Hour

One of the most fundamental comparisons is between $30 an hour and the prevailing minimum wage. As the baseline wage mandated by law, the minimum wage sets the lowest standard for compensation, which is $7.25 an hour

By contrasting $30 an hour with the minimum wage, we can gauge the wage’s standing in terms of societal and legal benchmarks. This analysis is particularly relevant in countries or states with a tiered minimum wage structure, where the minimum wage can vary based on location and industry. 

Based on that, making 30 dollars an hour is a good wage compared to the minimum average. 

  • Average Wage vs. $30 an Hour

Comparing $30 an hour with the average wage in the relevant job market provides valuable insights into how it measures up against the norm. If the average wage for a particular profession or industry is significantly higher than $30 an hour, individuals may reconsider their earning potential and seek higher-paying opportunities. 

On the other hand, if $30 an hour is close to or above the average wage, it may indicate a competitive compensation package. Furthermore, we must compare it with the average hourly wage in the US to know where it lies.

The US Government says, “The average hourly earnings are $33.58.” So making 30 dollars an hour means you’re making less than average. 

  • Living Wage vs. $30 an Hour

Beyond the minimum wage, the concept of a living wage is gaining prominence. A living wage is designed to cover the basic costs of living, including housing, food, healthcare, and transportation, without requiring government assistance. 

The living wage in the US is different for specific regions. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology says the North and West have the highest living wages ranges, with New York, Massachusetts, and California being the three highest living wage states. 

AreaRegionLiving Wage
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara (California)West$147,248
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward (Caligornia)West$145,648
Boston-Cambridge-Newton (Massachusetts)North$139,043
New York-Newark-Jersey City (New York)North$128,075
San Diego-Carlsbad (California)West$127,227
Information taken from MIT study

Conversely, the South has the lowest living wage ranges, with South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas being the three lowest living wage states. 

AreaRegionLiving Wage
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission (Texas)South US$88,720
El Paso (Texas)South US$88,853
Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin (South Carolina)South US$89,641
Chattanooga (Tennessee)South US$89,815
Columbia (South Carolina)South US$89,927
Information taken from MIT study

By comparing $30 an hour with the living wage estimate for a specific region, we can ascertain whether it provides a reasonable standard of living and financial stability for an individual or a family.

  • High-Income Threshold vs. $30 an Hour

For some individuals, reaching a specific income level is a financial goal. Comparing $30 an hour to a predetermined high-income threshold, such as $90,000 per year or more, can help individuals understand how much they need to earn to achieve their financial aspirations. This comparison can serve as motivation for career advancement or seeking higher-paying positions.


So, is 30 dollars an hour good wage? The answer depends on several factors which we’ve analyzed in this article. 

After a comprehensive analysis of these factors, it is evident that the adequacy of $30 an hour as a wage depends on multiple variables. While it may be a good wage for some individuals, it may not be sufficient for others in different circumstances. 

To determine its true worth, one must consider the cost of living, industry trends, job benefits, career growth potential, and personal preferences. Ultimately, individuals must weigh these factors to conclude whether 30 dollars an hour is a good wage for their unique circumstances.


How much is $30 an hour annually?

Making $30 an hour means your yearly salary will be $62,400.

What is considered a decent hourly wage?

A decent hourly wage is one that provides a reasonable standard of living and meets essential needs without constant financial strain. Some say the minimum hourly wage is decent, while others disagree. Ultimately, a decent hourly wage should exceed the national minimum wage, cover basic living expenses, and allow individuals to live a comfortable life.

How much is 70k a year hourly?

Making 70k or 70,000 a year means you’re making $33.65 an hour, which is close to the national average.

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