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Think and Grow Rich Lessons

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It took 25 years for Napoleon Hill to write the world-renowned masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich,” and our “Think and Grow Rich” lessons will explain why it took so long.

The book has sold over a hundred million copies and is considered a pillar of personal finance literature. What we mean by that is that the book is universally accepted as one of the few individual finance books that teach readers how to become successful simply by putting their minds to it. 

But the book can be a double-edged sword. 

Namely, Napoleon writes that your mind is the only thing between success and failure. How you put your mind to use will determine the outcome of future financial endeavors. 

To explain what we mean by all this, let’s dive into the five Think and Grow Rich lessons taken from the book itself. 

5 Think and Grow Rich Lessons

Think and Grow Rich can help anyone achieve their goals and dreams. The author wrote the book by interviewing more than 500 individuals, all successful in their spheres of influence. In addition, the book covers interviews with the likes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, two of the greatest minds of the past century. 

Napoleon Hill examined these successful entrepreneurs’ traits and their daily habits. He then used the interviews to write a masterpiece. Here are the most important lessons the book contains:

Lesson 1: Always Have A Clear and Specific Goal

The first Think and Grow Rich lesson emphasizes having a clear and specific goal in life. Hill combines the ideas of personal and career success into a singular objective that requires individuals to have a clear vision. 

Hill argues that individuals with well-defined goals are more likely to succeed in any sphere of work. The author also argues against aimlessly chasing money, which only leads to downfall. Instead, we can reach the most highly-attained finance goals through clear planning and goal-setting. 

Lesson 2: Always Maintain A Positive Mindset

The next Think and Grow Rich lesson focuses on the mental side of success. Hill advises individuals to have a positive attitude even in the face of defeat. 

Inserts from his book explain the need to keep spirits high and welcome challenges. But, most importantly, individuals must maintain hope even when all seems pointless. 

That’s because a large portion of financial success is tied to positivity while having a pessimistic attitude only leads to downfall. Hill argues that we are more likely to fail if we have a negative outlook on potential financial ventures. 

Lesson 3: Always Keep Learning

The most important Think and Grow Rich lesson has to do with life itself. Hill argues that life is all about discovering new things. In finance and entrepreneurship, we are always young enough to learn new things. 

Think and Grow Rich also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. 

Hill also argues that successful individuals constantly seek to improve their skills, learn new stuff, and are willing to put in the hard work and effort required to succeed. 

This includes setting aside time to discover new personal finance techniques, actively chasing new experiences, seeking new learning opportunities, and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals.

Lesson 4: Always Take Action

Another Think and Grow Rich lesson is the importance of taking action. Hill argues that the abovementioned lessons aren’t enough to achieve financial success. 

Instead, success is a combination of several actions. Therefore, the lesson from the book is always to be ready to take action, regardless if the situation is difficult or uncomfortable.

Among other things, the book states to set specific and measurable goals, create a plan to achieve them, and consistently work toward them.

Lesson 5: Always Be Ready To Fail

The final Think and Grow Rich lesson is one that few of us are comfortable learning. Modern entrepreneurs talk endlessly about failing to succeed. However, the truth regarding this statement dates back nearly a hundred years.

Most people find it difficult to grasp this idea because failure can be demoralizing. But Hill emphasizes the importance of persistence and perseverance when defeated. 

Hill also argues that successful individuals can overcome setbacks and failures and continue to work towards their goals even when faced with obstacles or challenges. 

Unfortunately, this requires a strong mindset, something that few people have. Therefore, prospective entrepreneurs must understand that failure is part of life. The ability to use past failures to improve separates successful from unsuccessful people.


These Think and Grow Rich lessons are a powerful reminder that wealth is difficult to attain. The book presents these important lessons to guide us in developing a positive and successful mindset. 

The mind is the biggest obstacle to building wealth. However, by aligning your mind with a clear objective, maintaining a positive attitude, focusing on learning, taking action, and being ready to fail, individuals can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.

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