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What Are Robinhood Unsettled Funds?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the trading and investment world, understanding the nuances of fund settlement is crucial. One such aspect that often arises in the context of trading platforms like Robinhood is the concept of Robinhood unsettled funds

Unsettled funds play a significant role in determining your trading capabilities and strategies, and it’s essential to grasp their mechanics to navigate the trading landscape effectively.

This article will answer “What are Robinhood unsettled funds” and everything around it. Let’s begin.

Robinhood Unsettled Funds Explained

Unsettled funds on Robinhood refer to the funds from a recent sale of stocks or other securities that have not yet completed the settlement process. When you sell a security, the transaction needs time to be fully processed, which includes confirming the trade details and transferring ownership and payment between parties. 

During this settlement period, the funds from the sale are considered “unsettled.”

The unsettled status occurs because of the industry-standard settlement cycle, the T+2 cycle. This cycle stands for “trade date plus two business days.” In simpler terms, when you sell a security, you must wait two business days before the funds become available for withdrawal or to make further trades. 

During this period, the funds are in a pending state. You can use them in your margin account but not your cash account. 

How Long Does It Take for Unsettled Funds to Settle on Robinhood? 

It typically takes two business days for your unsettled funds to settle on Robinhood, based on the previously-mentioned T+2 settlement cycle standard

For instance, if you sell a stock on Monday, the funds from that sale will become available for withdrawal or trading on Wednesday. This waiting period is a standard industry practice and applies to various types of securities, including stocks and options.

Why Are My Funds Not Settled on Robinhood? 

There could be instances where you might wonder why your funds are unsettled on Robinhood. This situation can arise due to several factors, including:

  • Recent Trades: If you have made a sale, the funds from that sale will remain unsettled until the completion of the T+2 settlement cycle.
  • Trading Frequency: Frequent trading can lead to a continuous cycle of unsettled funds, restricting your trading capabilities due to the waiting period.
  • Day Trading Restrictions: The Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule applies to accounts with less than $25,000 in equity. If you meet the criteria of a PDT, you must maintain the required equity or face trading restrictions, including limitations on unsettled funds usage.

Can I Trade With Robinhood Unsettled Funds?

Despite the unsettled status, you can indeed trade with Robinhood unsettled funds. But there’s a caveat. Allow us to explain:

  • You can trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and options with your Robinhood unsettled funds.
  • You cannot cover margin calls with your Robinhood unsettled funds.

The restrictions apply to most brokerages, like Robinhood.  

Wrapping Up

So, what are Robinhood unsettled funds? Robinhood unsettled funds are funds from recent sales of Robinhood stocks or other accepted asset classes. It takes two to three business days for these funds to settle in your Robinhood account fully. You can still use these funds to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and options, but you cannot use them to cover margin calls. 

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