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Mark Titus

Mark Titus is the founder and proprietor of a finance-focused platform. His ardor for finance led him to create the website, where he imparts his years of acquired knowledge to others. His attraction to the subject began in his college years, where he obtained a finance degree. Mark commenced his career in the financial sector, where he worked for a major financial institution, enriching his knowledge and expertise. Over the years, he has developed a profound understanding of financial markets, investment approaches, and financial planning, resulting in an extensive skill set in the industry.

Top 11 Stock Discord Groups You Must Join In 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes Investing is all about finding as much information as possible, and it always has been. For example, 70 years ago, people exchanged information during lunches, business meetings, and telegrams. Fifty years ago, they used the telephone. But now, the transfer of information is easier than ever, thanks to social media, social networks, and the general …

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6 Best Banks For Digital Nomads

Reading Time: 5 minutes The single greatest deterrent for people looking to work remotely is not knowing the best banks for digital nomads. Most hurdles remote workers need to overcome involve: interest, currency exchange rates, and withdrawal fees. The fact of the matter is that many global banks have unreasonable charges for international withdrawals and offer little to no …

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Risk Measurement: How To Measure Risk On Investment

Reading Time: 5 minutes All successful investors have to consider risk measurement. The codependency allows investors familiar with risk metrics to invest efficiently. As a result, investment portfolios always consider the level of risk that investors are willing to take. Regardless of the investor’s goals, investment risk management is affected by one’s means of investing. So, then, what is …

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