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Home » Maximizing Your Earnings: A Guide to Side Hustles for Truck Drivers

Maximizing Your Earnings: A Guide to Side Hustles for Truck Drivers

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Truck drivers are essential workers. Most of the world’s economy depends on them, as they drive long hours to deliver essential goods across the globe. 

While the job is demanding, it can be rewarding and offer a stable income. Truck drivers are some of the most in-demand professions, meaning there will always be employment opportunities. But that doesn’t mean the industry will always be on an upward trajectory. 

There are plenty of uncertainties regarding the trucking industry. This forces truck drivers to seek additional income. The rise of the gig economy presents truck drivers with plenty of additional employment opportunities. 

Side hustles can provide a viable solution for those looking at just that. So what are the most viable side hustles for truck drivers? Let’s find out.

Overview of the Gig Economy and Its Benefits for Truckers

The gig economy refers to a workforce composed of independent contractors and freelancers. For truck drivers, this can be a great opportunity to supplement their income with additional work they can complete while on the road. This type of work allows truckers more control over their schedules and earnings while also casting a safety net.

Another benefit of the gig economy for truck drivers is flexibility. The flexibility factor is too great to ignore, allowing truck drivers to choose when and how long they participate in extra gigs. 

Despite the numerous benefits of working as independent contractors and freelancers, these gigs aren’t meant to be counted as a stable income. But, depending on the person, this can also be a good thing, as truckers with free time can participate in the gig economy without taking up too much work. 

Now that you have an overview of the gig economy and its benefits let’s look at some popular side hustles for truck drivers.

Delivery Services

Truck drivers are perfectly suited to delivery services. They are masters of operating large vehicles and can cover long distances. That makes them perfectly suited for a wide range of delivery services.

Most notably, e-Commerce services. With the rise of e-commerce, there is a growing demand for delivery services, providing truckers with plenty of opportunities to earn extra income.

Advantages of Delivery Services for Truckers

Delivery services provide truckers with flexible hours, allowing them to take on jobs when they have free time. The work is also well suited to truckers, who can use their vehicles to make these deliveries. The work can also be highly rewarding, with truckers delivering essential goods to people and businesses alike.

How to Get Started with Delivery Services

Truckers can sign up with Amazon Flex, Instacart, or DoorDash to get started with delivery servicing. These services provide seamless entry and access to a dashboard that truckers can use to determine their working hours and conditions. 

Once they are signed up, they can receive delivery requests and earn money on the side. Working for a delivery service might require truckers to use their vehicles instead of being given a vehicle to operate by the service.

Transportation Services

Truckers can also provide transportation services, such as moving furniture or other items from one location to another. With the growing demand for moving services, truckers can earn extra income with their vehicles. Offering transportation services is a viable side hustle for truck drivers, as there is always a demand for transporting heavy objects. 

Advantages of Transportation Services for Truckers

Transportation services offer truckers a chance to earn extra income while using their skills and experience. The work can also be flexible, allowing truckers to take on jobs when they have free time.

How to Get Started with Transportation Services

Much like delivery services, truckers can sign up with companies such as TaskRabbit or Thumbtack to start working in the transportation services industry. However, networking is an important aspect of this gig, as truckers will likely have to promote their services through word of mouth or social media. 


Entrepreneurship can provide a great opportunity for truck drivers looking to take their side hustle game to the next level. With their skills and experience, truckers can start their own businesses by providing delivery and transportation services to customers.

However, starting a business is the opposite of a side hustle, as truck drivers must commit full-time to their business. Thus, this last entry isn’t necessarily a side hustle for truck drivers but rather an option if the side hustle turns highly profitable. 

Advantages of Entrepreneurship for Truckers

Entrepreneurship allows truckers to be their own bosses, set their own working hours, and earn as much as they want. They also can grow their business and build a successful enterprise. The potential for turning a delivery or transportation service into a successful business is an opportunity few truck drivers can resist.  

How to Get Started with Entrepreneurship

It’s safe to say that starting a business requires more hard work and dedication than a side hustle. Therefore, truck drivers need to perform several additional steps to start their own businesses. 

No step is more important than research. First, truck drivers must research the market to uncover the true potential of their business. Then, they would need to identify customers and learn how to network. Lastly, truck drivers must learn the fundamentals of starting and managing a business. 


That concludes this guide to the side hustles for truck drivers. With detailed explanations for each side hustle, the advantages, and ways to get started, we hope we have explained what it takes to start a hustle on the side and eventually turn it into a profitable business. 

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