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Home » Robinhood Beneficiary: What You Need to Know?

Robinhood Beneficiary: What You Need to Know?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A Robinhood beneficiary is a valuable feature that solves a pretty distasteful problem when using online investing platforms. Robinhood is one of the most popular online investment platforms that has made investing accessible to millions. The platform allows users to buy and sell stocks, options, and cryptocurrency all from the comfort of their own homes. However, one feature often overlooked is the Robinhood beneficiary. 

This article will explain the Robinhood beneficiary process and why it is important. So, stick around and find out.

What Is A Robinhood Beneficiary?

A Robinhood beneficiary is a person or entity you can designate to receive the assets in your Robinhood account if you pass away. This feature is important because it ensures your investments are passed on to the people or organizations you want them to go to without going through the probate process.

The Robinhood beneficiary feature is a well-thought feature that protects “your” assets. In the case of your unexpected or expected passing, the person or organization you assign as your Robinhood beneficiary can claim your investments with minimal effort. 

The feature essentially eliminates the bureaucracy and politics behind the probate process. The person you assign as your Robinhood beneficiary is 100% valid, and all your investments go to them.  

How to Set Up A Robinhood Beneficiary?

Setting up a Robinhood beneficiary is simple. Here is how the process goes:

  • Launch Robinhood and navigate to “Account Settings.”
  • From the list of options, select “Beneficiary.”
  • Add or edit your beneficiary information.

In these three simple steps, anyone can set up their Robinhood beneficiary. However, it’s important to note that you can have only a single beneficiary on your Robinhood account. Furthermore, the beneficiary cannot be a business, only a person or a trust. 

It is also important to regularly update your beneficiary information to keep it up-to-date. There could be plenty of reasons you wish to change your mind regarding your Robinhood beneficiary. That means you want to change who your investments go to. Even if your beneficiary passes away, you can easily change the information.

How Does A Robinhood Beneficiary Work?

To trigger the beneficiary feature, the account holder must pass away first. In the unlikely or likely event of your death, your beneficiary can claim the assets in your Robinhood account without going through probate. 

This can save time and money, as probate can be a lengthy and expensive process. Additionally, your beneficiary will be able to access the funds more quickly, as they do not have to wait for a court to approve the transfer of assets.


The Robinhood beneficiary is a simple but important feature that can ensure that your investments are passed on to the people or organizations you want them to. This eliminates the probate process and saves the desired person plenty of time and money. Regularly updating your beneficiary information ensures that your wishes are honored, and your investments are protected.

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