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Should You Invest In Elon Musk’s SAV Technology?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Elon Musk is no stranger to having all eyes on him. After all, with so many novel ideas, it is no wonder that Musk is always in the limelight. From controversial to downright impossible, his endeavors have a habit of luring potential investors. And rightfully so. Although there is no end to Elon Musk’s projects that we can discuss, one of particular importance is his SAV technology. The term itself is an acronym that, once explained, immediately gives investors an idea of what this new technology is. SAV stands for shared autonomous vehicles. It’s all clear, right? Kind of. Musk’s SAV project aims to use the vehicles of Tesla owners (when they are not being driven by their owners, of course) as a robotaxi service of sorts. But wait, this sounds like a bit of an odd idea, does it not? Well, it is. However, the same can be said for most of Musk’s inventions, and more than half of them proved lucrative investments for those who were willing to take a risk. Today, we will look into whether you should invest in this revolutionary proposal or whether it might be better to skip SAV stock, for now. So, is this Elon Musk’s next big thing that you should invest in? Is it SAVstainable? Musk’s SAV technology seems to have its fair share of problems, even in its initial stages of development. At its core, SAV will have to compete with services such as Uber and Lyft. Although it is set up differently, the target market is the same. It is no secret that Elon Musk’s projects have been able to enter and thrive in what analysts would call oversaturated markets. If anything, this market is not oversaturated, but just saturated. The market, however, is not the biggest problem. The SAV project stock will depend on a problematic human factor – willingness. Elon Musk’s SAV technology solves part of the human problem by using Tesla’s autonomous driving mode. That, nevertheless, means that human owners will still have to allow their cars to be used in SAV mode. The owners will be compensated, but their cars will still rack up considerable mileage. For some, it will be worth it. For others, not so much. As a potential investor, you should place your bets early, but not too early. If you think that people will be willing to share their car for a given compensation, then SAV might be worth your time. Still, waiting for more specific information is a valid option. Lastly, we should note that in 2019, there were approximately 31.4 million driverless cars in circulation. In 2020, that number rose to 35.02 million. As the number of self-driving cars increases, so will the sustainability of Elon Musk’s SAV technology. There is even talk of a Tesla secret supplier that will benefit immensely from this increase in self-driving cars. How is this connected to Elon Musk’s SAV technology? Well… To Invest To invest in SAV technology is to invest in Tesla’s secret supplier. Before we go on with the details of how this investment would work, future investors should know that investing in SAV will mean investing in Tesla. Does that mean that you will solely invest in Tesla? No. After all, investing in Tesla, in itself, is nothing novel. To capitalize on this opportunity, as an investor, you will be investing in one or a few of Tesla’s suppliers, which could prove to be instrumental in carrying out this autonomous vehicle project. All cars, including Tesla cars, are made up of various bits and pieces. These bits and pieces, depending on their complexity, often need specialized suppliers. To us, investors, they might seem like trivial items, but most of these trivialities have entire supply chains dedicated to them. One example is a camera. We are specifically talking about the camera that Teslas have behind their windshield. The camera in question is used to capture everything that is in front of the car. These cameras need a few components to work, and one of them is an image sensor. The company that makes those sensors has shares that are significantly lower than Tesla’s shares. The same goes for most of its suppliers. Companies like this one are in a good position to raise their value by simply existing in a time where electric vehicles depend on AI. As an investor, you should look for companies that supply Tesla with valuable parts. These are parts that make electric vehicles what they are – revolutionary. Is it an easy task? No. If it were, every single investor would already be on it. We must not forget that at its core, investing is research. Afterword Investing in SAV project stock is not a direct investment. It is an investment that requires dedicated research and in-depth knowledge of the market. SAV could be Elon Musk’s next big thing. After all, there is a reason why the topic has gained so much traction over the last year. If you are truly interested in SAV stock, you are going to have to put in the work. Is it possible to find out which suppliers Tesla depends on? Yes. Is it an easy task? It depends. If you are an investor that enjoys learning the ins and outs of your investment, this might just be the right opportunity for you. FAQ What is SAV technology?SAV technology is an acronym. It stands for shared autonomous vehicles. In short, Elon Musk’s SAV technology is a project that should make use of Tesla self-driving vehicles to act as a robotaxi service of sorts. How to buy Elon Musk SAV stock?To buy SAV stock, you need to put in the work, as this is not a direct investment. First, you need to find out which parts Tesla relies on. Then, you need to place your bet on the right supplier. After this, you have successfully invested in SAV stock.

Can You Owe Money In Stocks?

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to stocks, most people want to know how to make profitable investments. In time, those people become experienced investors. Then, they either start looking for safer options that guarantee smaller profits or take more risks for more returns. Yet, while every investor knows that they can earn by investing, few know whether they could owe money in stocks. So, can you owe money in stocks? You can, but only if you meet specific conditions. Here is how you can lose more than you invest in stocks. The Basics Of Stocks Although most investors know this, it is best to mention that all investments involve a degree of risk. Whether you want to or not, if you decide to invest, you risk losing some and all of the money you have invested. Losing everything, however, is one of those scenarios that tend to happen rarely, if at all. Chances are, you will not find yourself in a situation where you risk losing everything you have invested. That is unless you decide to back a business in its initial stages or you are a majority shareholder. In that case, investing becomes slightly riskier than it usually is. Those kinds of investments are undertaken by experienced investors that are beyond the scope of this article or the information presented here. As a result, there is no need to go in-depth on the topic. So, back to our topic. Can you owe money in stocks? Can you lose more than you invest in stocks? These are two things that no investor wants to experience. Sadly, as we mentioned before, you can owe money in stocks and lose more than you invest. Surprisingly enough, it depends on how you have decided to invest. In The Red Firstly, can a stock go negative? That is the question that intuitively interests new investors. Ultimately, the answer is that shares can never reach negative values. Stock shares will never fall below zero, even if the company you chose to invest in goes bankrupt. That does not mean that you can never owe money in stocks. So, can you owe money in stocks? There is one way for you to lose money investing. If you borrow money from your broker by opening a margin account, you could end up with debt more significant than your stock’s worth. In most cases, brokers will offer you a standard margin account. The standard margin account means that the broker can loan you no more than 50% of the value of your account. If, for example, you were to deposit $1000 cash or securities, a broker could give you up to $500 to use. Why would a broker loan you anything? That 50% is additional buying power. You can use this buying power to purchase more stocks or even purchase some you could not afford. Is the broker, then, setting you up to fail? No, not really. It is in your best interest to have as much buying power as possible. The more you invest, the bigger the returns. There is no going around this principle of investing. That does not mean that ludicrous sums can save you from losing money on horrible investments. The only thing the broker is doing is giving you more investing power. The decisions, nevertheless, are always yours. Staying Safe Once again, can you owe money in stocks? Yes. Can you lose more than you invest in stocks? Yes. Can a stock go negative? Luckily, no. If you consider that you need a margin account to owe money in stocks, you will instantly realize that there is an easy fix to that problem. What is the fix? Do not open a margin account. It is as simple as that. The benefits of having a margin account are clear. The more money you have, the more you can invest. Does that mean that you must borrow money from your broker? No. If you feel like that is the best option for you, by all means, take it. If not, you can always opt for a cash account. Cash accounts are usually the best option for beginner investors who are unwilling to take more risks than they have to. To invest is to put your money on the line with the goal of profiting. That is already risky enough. You are by no means obliged to put money that you do not have on the line. That is where the cash account comes into play. One Cash Account, Please! Cash accounts allow investors to deposit their funds and use them as the sole resource for purchasing stocks. It means you will be limited to the capital you have at your disposal, which is both good and bad. While you will not go into debt, you will also have less buying power. Lastly, on the topic of staying safe, there is one more thing you might want to avoid if you are not willing to risk going into debt – short selling. Short selling is the practice of betting on a share price falling. Investors can take part in short selling through various means, such as borrowing and selling shares that you plan on repurchasing (expecting a fall) and returning. Investors do this in hopes of catching shares, capitalizing on their fall, and then returning them at a profit. While short selling is a complicated process, investors willing to look into it should research stocks retroactively and find a pattern. For example, based on Statista’s records of stocks with the most short sell positions, Sky Harbour Group (49.88%) is in the lead. Sky Harbour is tailed by Acrimoto Inc. (41.52%) Conn’s Inc. (42.51%), and Camping World Holdings Inc. (41.37%). These companies and their stock records can be a strong foundation for future research. Conclusion You can owe money in stocks. You can lose more than you invest. A stock can never go negative. Does that mean that you will unavoidable owe money if you invest? No, not

What Is A Wedge Deal and Is It A Good Real Estate Investment Strategy?

Reading Time: 4 minutes A wedge deal in real estate is purchasing a property worth less than the potential market value. In real estate investing, a wedge refers to a strategy where the buyer scouts for properties that have the potential to be worth around the market value with minor cosmetic work. The strategy includes making low-cost renovations. A property that needs high-expense renovations isn’t a good match for this strategy. This guide will look at what a wedge deal is, how effective it is, how to make the strategy work for you, and provide several tips to identify possible investments.  Is A Wedge Deal A Good Real Estate Investing Strategy? A wedge deal is a good real estate investing strategy if you do it right. Since renovations are crucial to making the strategy work, it’s only a good deal if you can renovate the home and still make a profit. If you put too much money into the renovations, you will end up paying more than what you’ll be getting in return. Therefore, the upfront and subsequent renovation costs are a crucial part of making wedge deal work in real estate.  There are many ways to make money through real estate. A wedge deal is one way to turn a quick profit. But considering that real estate is a local market, plenty of factors will determine if you can make a profit out of a wedge. For any real estate investor who wants to wedge a house, the key concept is to avoid properties with extensive repair needs.  How To Make A Wedge Deal Work For You? Any experienced real estate investor will tell you that wedge deals in real estate are difficult to come by. A house below market price doesn’t just miraculously fall on your lap. To make the strategy work for you, you must do your research. That’s why eager real estate investors that look for wedge deals spend more time identifying a potential property. While real estate wedge deal experts have all kinds of means of identifying a wedge deal, here are a few things to consider that will help you do it much more efficiently. Not every seller is desperate to sell their property for any amount. Some sellers face personal issues that play a crucial role in getting the property below the market value. You need to be on the lookout for sellers going through a divorce, facing debt, and displacement.  These sellers are more motivated to sell due to the circumstances they find themselves in.  Another way to make a wedge deal strategy pay off is to look specifically for properties in need of renovation. In real estate investing, looks are everything. A buyer will never commit to a property that looks terrible. Regardless of the price, modern homes sell for much more and much faster. A deteriorating property or a property in poor condition will sell for much cheaper.  But that doesn’t mean the property can’t be worked on and brought back to life. But even so, there are renovations you have to avoid. For example, a property that needs a new roof isn’t a good real estate wedge deal. But you can work if the property needs replacing kitchen cabinets or repainting. So even if you are looking at properties in terrible condition, not every property will work for a wedge deal.  Where To Find Good Properties To Wedge?  So that begs the question, where do you look for eager sellers or properties in terrible condition? Well, there are a few ways to go about it. Since real estate is local, you need to narrow your search and scout for sellers or properties in a targeted market.   But what does this mean? Put yourself in their position. If you are moving to another city and need to sell your house fast, where would you list it? The big real estate websites are a natural place to start. Websites such as Zillow,,, and should be some of your starting places. While many will tell you that MLS (multiple listing services) is the worst place to look, the opposite is true. You can find good deals through MLS. In addition, some eager sellers are more than willing to list their property below the market value if they find themselves in specific circumstances.  But probably the best way to look for real estate wedge deals is to contact for sale by owner houses. Unfortunately, FSBO houses aren’t as visible as houses sold by agents. Thus, FSBO sellers get significantly less exposure. However, most FSBO sellers want to save the 2-3.5% agent commission, so they might be more willing to sell under the market value. There are plenty of other ways to find real estate wedge deals. All you need to do is look hard enough. Conclusion To summarize, a wedge deal in real estate can be a good investment strategy if you do it right. To ensure you’re getting a good deal, look for house deals that require low-cost renovations and sell well under the market price.  FAQ What Is a Wedge Deal In Real Estate? A wedge deal in real estate is a property that sells for less than the potential market value. A wedge deal is often considered a real estate deal.  What Is Real Estate Wedging? Real estate wedging refers to a process of identifying properties worth less than the potential market value. It is a process where investors identify properties that can potentially resell for more significant profits after low-cost renovations.

4 Best Swing Trading Discord Servers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Swing trading is getting more and more popular, especially with investors that have access to new sources of information such as swing trading subreddits or swing trading discord servers – platforms that are popular with new and young investors. In this article, we will name the best 4 swing trading discord servers that we encountered while doing our research. For those who don’t know what swing trading is, it’s a style of investing where the investor holds it for a short amount of time, in a range of a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Let’s dig in and see our 4 best swing trading discord servers. Gains Everyday Investors This is a small community server with 100 members, you have a trial period of 7 days to join and see if it’s worth it to continue your subscription. The server focuses on daily tips, and everything is based on thorough research. You can also ask questions and get answers from the professionals on the server. Although it only has 100 members, this is one of the most active stock discord groups we encountered. Here you also get daily alerts on the changes in the stocks that are being monitored. Swing Trading Club The focus of this group is exclusively on swing trading in the stock market.  They’ve been around for a few years, and they have some guys in the group who have been trading for almost a decade. In their swing trading discord, they talk about real-time trade opportunities. The group also has a channel exclusively for watchlists and another one for trade call-outs, so members have plenty of ways to get good trade ideas.  Some members enable the trade call-outs channel to give audible alerts to be a source of trade alerts effectively. They have separate channels for stock trading and options trading.  That helps keep the trade ideas separated and organized. What we like most about this group is that they appear to be genuinely friendly and helpful.  They don’t make you feel dumb for asking questions, and collectively in the group, there appears to be quite a bit of knowledge about swing trading strategies. Slow Swing Trading This is a great server for new traders, you can find a lot of educated traders here that are willing to help out. The server is focused on swing trading, and it chooses its trade very carefully and keeps the trades a bit longer than what we usually see in swing trading. This method is perfect for people who are busy and can’t do their analysis on daily basis. The server has 500 members with mods, and experienced traders are always online. Trendz Traderz Trendz Traderz is a free server filled with experienced traders. It has 600 members, with a constantly active chat and daily updates and alerts. They also offer a VIP membership. The server is constantly monitoring new trends and news updates that impact the stock prices, so you will be up to date with all the happenings. Investors here also do the analysis and reasons behind investments publicly. It focuses on swing trading, and fast stock trading. So it’s a perfect fit for anyone looking for a fast swing trading discord server. Bonus Tip – Stock Market Guides Stock market guides offers a swing trading alert service where an alert is sent for every trade they make. Based on historical statistics that helps you buy low and sell high using swing trades. The alerts they provide are exclusively reliant on data and based on a track record of success in backtests.  Final Words Every investment is risky, and there are a lot of things we can do to measure the risk on investment, but we suggest starting by improving your sources of information. We can’t stress this enough, remember after you hear or read something do your OWN research!

5 Best Day Trading Discord Servers in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Day trading Discord servers are popping up left, right, and center. Day trading is highly risky, as it’s proven very difficult to guess which stock will perform well. If you’re a beginner and considering day trading in 2023, our advice is to learn as much as you can. With that in mind, the internet offers amazing resources for beginners looking to get into day trading. Considering the sheer variety of media and information available, we decided to dig in and find the best day trading Discord servers. We’ve based our findings on user opinions, previous success rates, the server’s community, and the willingness to educate its members further. So without any further ado, we present to you the five best day trading Discord servers in 2023 to join. 5 Best Day Trading Discord Servers Rundown of the best day trading Discord Servers to join in 2023. Hercules Investing Arcadia Trading Stonks Society College Town Trading Blubbr Our picks for the Best Day Trading Discord Servers in 2023. Hercules Investing Discord Server Hercules is one of the most active day trading Discord servers we’ve encountered. The welcoming community and willingness to assist beginners are why we also mention it in our Top 10 Stock Discord Groups list. The thing that we love about the server is that no question goes unanswered. After all day trading is complicated and uncharted territory for many beginner investors. Therefore, veterans of the server are always there to give their two cents on any matter. You might join as a “newbie,” but after a couple of months, you’ll be well versed on complex day trading matters. However, Hercules Investing isn’t just a day trading Discord server. Instead, the server focuses on many fields from the world of investing, including the stock market, forex trading, day trading, cryptocurrencies, swing trading, and technical analysis. In addition, you can find daily updates on trading watchlists, and it also has live stock trading alerts. Arcadia Trading Discord Server Arcadia is another fantastic day trading Discord server where you can find daily tips and updates on stocks from various industries. Everything on the server is recorded live, dated, and you can transparently see their success and their misses. Although according to their records, their gains look strong, ranging from up 500% to 700% in the last 50 trading days. The sever’s community is warm and welcoming to newcomers and will assist you with any finance-related issue you have or any investing questions. With more than 12 000 members and around 700+ constantly live members, it’s one of the busiest day trading Discord servers we’ve encountered. Stonks Society Discord Server Stonks Society has 3000 members, and 20% of them are constantly active to help out, answer questions, and share insight into the world of stock trading. It focuses primarily on educating and helping people improve their financial situations through trading and investing. Here, you have daily trading alerts, watchlists, and hot stocks that the community follows. Everything from options to day trading and even cryptocurrency discussions is allowed here. College Town Trading The focus of this day trading Discord server is college students. The idea is to allow them to get involved in trading and gain their financial freedom as soon as possible. Here, you can find discussions on stocks, hot tips for the day, investing news, and everything you need to make the right decision. College town trading server is a small community with 700 members, but more than enough to make a difference. Blubbr Discord Server Blubbr is a fan-favorite day trading Discord server. This server aims to level the playing field for everyone by giving quality analysis and up-to-date news on the stock market. As they say, they want to “strip the fat off the whales.” For those who don’t know what a “whale” means in the finance industry, it’s a person or company with enough power or money to influence the stock price directly. Blubbr offers tons of educational material, hot tips, daily updates, and quality analysis. The server has 3000 members fighting for the little guy in the finance world. Final Words Our top list contains the best day trading Discord servers that might help you improve your financial situation by offering advice on anything from stocks to options and cryptocurrency investing and trading. Our list reinforces the idea that information is the cornerstone of making a good investment. As a result, all five of our picks act as excellent starting guides for beginners looking to get into day trading. However, keep in mind that no one can guarantee wins. So, take every “tip” with a grain of salt and always do your research before committing.

15 Best PayPal Games That Pay Real Money in 2022

Reading Time: 10 minutes You’re probably asking yourself, are any PayPal games that pay real money out there? Sure enough, the answer is yes. But you don’t want to settle on the first you come across. Ideally, you want to do your research on the best one that pays the most and doesn’t waste your time. Considering they’re so many PayPal games out there, researching can be long and arduous. As such, we’ve done the research for you and give you a list of the 15 best PayPal games that pay real money in 2022. Stick around as you’ll want to get your teeth stuck into some of these. How Can You Earn Money By Playing PayPal Games? The way these game apps work is by rewarding you with real money through completing tasks. The task could be to do a survey, fill up a questionnaire, or play games. PayPal partners with these apps and allow you to withdraw to your PayPal account. Bear in mind, the terms of withdrawal are stated in each game or app’s terms of service. Some apps will allow you to withdraw any amount, while others have a limit such as $10, $20, $50, etc. One thing to note before we begin. Apps that pay you through PayPal should not replace your job. These apps serve as an additional income stream to make money in your spare time. But if you manage to sign up for a few and complete tasks in your spare time, you could make a lot of money.  15 PayPal Games That Pay Real Money Below is our list of 15 apps that pay you through PayPal. Let’s start. Swagbucks Swagbucks is one of the most known apps that pay you through PayPal. The app is a community of online surveys where anyone can register and start making money. In the online survey sphere, Swagbucks is the most trusted service. Members who use Swagbucks get rewards by completing surveys, browsing the internet, playing games, etc. One thing to note is that Swagbucks gives you these tasks based on geographical location. A member in the US will have access to more tasks than a member in Chile, for example. As such, there is a big difference in how much you can make. But generally speaking, you can make anywhere between $50 and $600 each month. Swagbucks has a policy of allowing users to withdraw once their balance has at least $25. You can withdraw your Swagbucks balance to your PayPal account or redeem Amazon Gift Cards. MistPlay A games app that you can download to your Andriod smartphone, MistPlay is one of the most well-known apps that pay you through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Visa gift cards, etc. The way MistPlay works is simple. You sign up for the app and discover new games. The app recommends games based on your personal preference. The longer you play these games, the more money you make. You earn money by earning “Units.” Units are sort of like the in-game currency of MistPlay. You can redeem units for Amazon or Google Play cards, PayPal, and even withdraw directly to your Visa. In addition, users get access to weekly contests that they can enter for rewards. But the big prize is the monthly contests that can land you anything from a PS 5 to $400 gift cards. My Points My Points is a platform that rewards cashback. Users can shop through My Points and earn up to 40% back with every purchase. The extensive list of retailers includes the likes of Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, and more. With My Points, users have an alternative to earning something back while doing their favorite things. In addition to that, My Points is a platform that rewards users in many other ways. Popular ways to earn include playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, and even reading emails. The platform is everything you need to start making money in your spare time. You can sign up and get a $10 welcome bonus in the form of a Visa or Amazon Gift Card. Lucktastic There are few better PayPal games than the ones at Lucktastic. Users that sign up to the platform have the chance to win big prizes for playing and winning games. The list of games on Lucktastic includes scratching games, spinning games, code-cracking games, and more. Lucktastic also rewards users in the form of gift cards. But the big cash prizes are, by far, the biggest lure. On Lucktastic, users can win anywhere between $1 and $10,000. But don’t get your hopes up too much, as winning the big prize doesn’t happen very often. In one instance, a lucky user played a scratch-card game that reward them $10,000! Regardless of how much you win, the best part about Lucktastic is that you can withdraw to your PayPal account. If you’re solely into apps that pay you through PayPal, give Lucktastic a try. Wealth Words Wealth Words has one of the best PayPal games that users can give a try in hopes to make some serious money. The app is a crossword puzzle game that can turn into a profitable side hustle. The way Wealth Words is simple. You download the app or make an account on their website. The app has many crossword puzzle games that you can play to earn impressive cash rewards. The list of games includes Wordoku, which is a crossword-puzzle version of Sudoku, Quick Wordz, The Third Wave, and more. Each game will require a different approach and strategy to win the big prize. With that said, cash prizes range between $20 and $100, depending on the game. But every time you play, you enter for the chance to win a jackpot. There is one catch. Not every game is free. You have to pay a small price to play the games that reward you the most. Is that a risk you’re willing to make to land a big cash prize? If so, do

Top 11 Stock Discord Groups You Must Join In 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes Investing is all about finding as much information as possible, and it always has been. For example, 70 years ago, people exchanged information during lunches, business meetings, and telegrams. Fifty years ago, they used the telephone. But now, the transfer of information is easier than ever, thanks to social media, social networks, and the general availability of the internet. Thanks to the availability of these channels, you can find a life-changing investment in an investing group on Slack, Telegram, Discord, or Reddit. Of all three examples, Reddit is living proof of that with the r/wallstreetbets influence in 2021. In this piece, we will talk about the eleven best stock discord groups we’ve been monitoring for some time. Of course, there are a lot of investing groups and servers on Discord. But we’ve filtered through them to give you the ones that are worth it and have proven effective when it comes to investing tips and discussions.  First things first, let’s start with why Discord. How do Discord stock servers stand out compared to Reddit, Telegram, and others? Why Should You Use Discord for Stock Groups? We all saw a social network platform’s potential and power when it comes to investing from Reddit, especially r/wallstreetbets, and their AMC and GameStop stints. So what’s stopping Discord from doing the same? And the answer is nothing.  Discord has 150 million active users and more than 13 000 servers with tags as investing servers. And for the past year, it’s proven as a valuable source of information for many investors. Discord is also widely popular among people of all age categories and helped fill a void left by outdated apps such as Skype.  It’s certainly true that Discord became popular with teens and young adults, especially those interested in gaming. But recently, we’ve seen its true potential in the stock trading industry.  Before we give you our list of eleven stock-trading discord groups, we must emphasize that we are not financial advisors. Instead, we aim to educate our readers in ways to identify investment opportunities. As with any investment, you should do your own research before jumping at the chance to invest.  With that said, let’s get into the list of eleven best stock trading discord groups.  The Best Stock Discord Groups in 2022 When researching, we were looking for interactive groups where you can ask a question and get an answer in a matter of minutes, a place where people are positive and trying to help others, and of course, a group that will help you make improved financial decisions. Having all of that in mind, let’s start breaking down the eleven best stock discord groups. Hercules Investing Discord Server Hercules Investing server is one of the best ones we’ve encountered. This server lets you discuss anything from stocks and options to cryptocurrency and forex. It currently holds 5000+ members. When joining this server, you also get watchlists displayed, containing all the stocks and options the server monitors constantly. Here you are also encouraged to interact and ask any questions you might have. Also, the server is full of knowledgeable people willing to help. The people here also know that nothing is 100% accurate, they don’t claim to be all-knowing, and that trait is not something you often find in investors. Penny Stock Alerts Discord Server Penny Stock Alerts Discord Server focuses only on how to make money on the penny stock market. This server is a good start for anyone who wants to learn how to trade penny stocks. You can ask questions, get help from the community and earn profits while at it. These guys are no joke. They are very strict regarding trolls in the community and are very driven to make 200%-300% returns when the bell rings. Here you have a watchlist of all the penny stocks that the server is focused on, and also, you get daily alerts, sometimes up to 15 signals, on the condition of the stock. TheLongTrader discord server You probably guessed by the name, but this is the right stock discord server if you are a trader with a long-term vision. This is a server that is filled with long-term investor enthusiasts who are keen on sharing their knowledge. Each suggested trade is thoroughly explained, entirely logically, and data supported. In addition, the server is a place for discussion, where people can conclude if that stock is worth investing in in the long term. They have 24/7 beginner-friendly support, live stream charts, and stream scanners. Lambo Money Discord Server The term “Lambo Money” is an often-used joke from young investors, meaning they are investing their money until they can afford a new Lamborghini. Makes sense! Besides the cool name, this server is a great place to learn something new and get some interesting stock tips. They enforce a strong policy of only writing on the main channel. This means that everyone can see what other people are writing and discussing. This server supports the equality and transparency of their investing tips. Let’s Talk Money Discord Server Let’s Talk Money is a great place to be if you are an inexperienced trader. This server has a member count of 2000, but the good thing is that a large percentage of them are experienced traders that are willing to teach you something you don’t already know. You can learn and find tips not just on the stock market but also on cryptocurrencies, NFT trading, and options trading. The Diamond Handz Discord Server The Diamond Handz Discord Server is one of the biggest trading servers on Discord. With more than 20,000 members and counting, here you can find anything and everything you want to know about investing. Don’t let that discourage you; besides having many members, the server is still strictly controlled, and its goal is to educate and take care of its member’s financial future. Wall Street Bible Discord Server  The Wall Street Bible aims to be a place where you can find information and tips that can improve your financial gains

6 Best Banks For Digital Nomads

Reading Time: 5 minutes The single greatest deterrent for people looking to work remotely is not knowing the best banks for digital nomads. Most hurdles remote workers need to overcome involve: interest, currency exchange rates, and withdrawal fees. The fact of the matter is that many global banks have unreasonable charges for international withdrawals and offer little to no benefits for digital nomads. Moreover, due to the variables which affect digital nomads, having a digital nomad finance plan can make a significant difference. As a result, the process of selecting the right banking option becomes that much more important. To help ease the selection process, we have compiled our list of the six best banks for freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads. But first, you have to be familiar with the criteria behind our list. Nomadic Rubric Remote work is often unpredictable, but the craftiest of digital nomads will use three crucial variables to their advantage. These are the things you need to consider to save money as a digital nomad: Your citizenship will affect more than just your remote work finance. To put it simply, remote workers should always check the eligibility criteria for their chosen bank. They should also consider annual fees and withdrawal fees because they can chip away at your earnings. The last parameter – interest, ties in with savings. As savings accounts are most affected by interest rates, digital nomads should be aware of their bank of choice’s regulations regarding interest. Now that you know the criteria behind both the most successful digital nomads and our list, you are ready to decide on a bank. The six best banks for digital nomads are N26, Charles Schwab, STACK, Revolt, PayPal, and Payoneer. N26 – A European Nomad’s Best Bet The German-based bank should be the first choice for European digital nomads. While it is considered to be one of the best banks for freelancers from Europe, most Americans would want to consider a different option because the bank’s policies are tailored to Europeans. The bank offers exclusively online services, which makes it easy for digital nomads to keep track of their remote work finance. As long as the nomad’s residential address has been approved by N26, the bank’s services become almost immediately available. N26 offers 24/7 customer support, zero foreign transaction fees, and virtually no annual fees. You can also keep track of your digital nomad finance plan through your expenses and spending habits. In addition, as long as you keep your balance under € 50,000, you are eligible for fee-free deposits. Keep in mind that withdrawal fees for non-Europeans are significantly higher and, therefore, make the bank a less favorable option for some. Charles Schwab – America’s Number One The number of digital nomads originating from the United States has increased significantly. According to Project Untethered’s statistics on digital nomads, the number of nomads from the States went from 4.8 million (2018) to 15.5 million (2021) over the last three years. That is all the more reason for remote workers to know their best banking bet – Charles Schwab. Schwab offers many benefits over other banks aiming to accommodate remote workers. For example, their debit cards work at the majority of ATMs around the globe. On top of that, at the end of each month, Schwab provides you with a complete refund on fees racked up from ATMs compatible with Schwab cards. Even more enticing is that Schwab offers free travel insurance and emergency assistance. Travel insurance is unnecessary for digital nomads, but most opt for it as a safety precaution. The only downside to Schwab is that their services are exclusively for American citizens and direct cash deposits are not an option. STACK – Canadian Exclusivity STACK does not fit the definition of the term bank, as it is more of a reloadable debit card. Nevertheless, this reloadable debit card offers a lot of noteworthy services. The best way to save money is a digital nomad is to avoid unnecessary fees. This ties in with the fact that STACK offers no foreign transaction fees and no ATM fees when you use a compatible machine. Besides, STACK users who are not concerned with additional fees can withdraw money from any ATMs worldwide. Other stack users can also transfer money to you free of charge and vice versa. The reason why STACK is considered exclusively Canadian is that you can only deposit Canadian currency on the card. That, and the fact that you cannot deposit money without visiting a Canadian post office or bank. Revolt – The High Earner’s Choice The main reason why Revolt is the best when it comes to high earners is the Annual Percentage Yield. Most banks aimed towards digital nomads offer little to no APY. In contrast, Revolt’s APY is around 0.07%, which is a lot more than most banks offer. Revolt, however, offers more than just a worthwhile APY. First of all, there is no limit on their in-network withdrawals. Additionally, their in-network withdrawals are free. Second of all, anyone using Revolt’s banking services can also hold and transfer money in over 30 currencies. Lastly, the only downside to Revolt is that some of their perks are locked behind upgrade plans and monthly fees. Regardless, the benefits are worth the small fees ($9.99 – $16.99 per month). PayPal – Stability and Trust Few banking options for digital nomads have withstood the test of time. PayPal, luckily, is one of those few. If you are looking for the best online checking account, PayPal might not be for you. If, however, you are looking for a trustworthy banking option – you have found the right one. PayPal boasts a diverse array of users and over 20 accepted currencies. It is also considered one of the best banks for freelancers because there are no annual fees to keep your account open. You can also open a personal and business account. Most digital nomad finance tips are based on the idea of avoiding unnecessary fees. Even though

Risk Measurement: How To Measure Risk On Investment

Reading Time: 5 minutes All successful investors have to consider risk measurement. The codependency allows investors familiar with risk metrics to invest efficiently. As a result, investment portfolios always consider the level of risk that investors are willing to take. Regardless of the investor’s goals, investment risk management is affected by one’s means of investing. So, then, what is the point of risk measurement? Steady investments. What is Risk Measurement? In short, risk measurement is the process that investors use to make investments. Risk measurement involves various factors, known as risk metrics, which determine the quality of an investment. Although investment quality can vary based on the investor’s goals, it is not impossible to judge whether an investment involves high risk. However, the principle of risks and returns states that those significant risks are more likely to be compensated by greater returns. On the other hand, to measure risk in investment means to be aware of the possibility of a loss. Consequently, new investors must know how to measure risk in investment.  Risk Measurement Principles There are numerous risk measures that investors can choose from when it comes to investing. The selection process may seem daunting at first, although most investors tend to realize which measures work best sooner or later. In order to aid new investors, we have selected the five make-or-break principles every investor should be familiar with: standard deviation, the sharpie ratio, beta, value at risk and conditional value at risk. Standard Deviation By definition, the term standard deviation refers to the act of measuring the degree of variation or dispersion of a set of values. In practice, standard deviation shows how your current return deviates from the expected returns. Most stocks with high standard deviations go hand in hand with high levels of risk. In other words, stocks that experience unsteady highs and lows coincide with greater returns. At least, in theory. As previously mentioned, risk measurement depends on more than one variable.  For an investor to measure risk levels, that investor must also account for potential returns. On paper, the standard deviation is a clear-cut, objective method. In practice, the standard deviation can stop investors from making worthwhile returns. Therefore, standard deviation should not dictate your investments. Currently, many new investors are looking for investment opportunities that involve low risks and high returns. The Statista Research Department’s survey on the Average market risk premium in the U.S. 2011-2021 showed that the United States’ average market risk premium experienced a 5.5 percent decline in 2021 alone. These numbers suggest that more investors expect a slightly higher return for investments to the risk they take, which goes against the principle of balancing risks and returns. Sharpie Ratio The Sharpie ratio is another method of measuring investment risk. In short, it reduces associated risk by helping investors understand risk as a byproduct of investment. The Sharpie ratio is based on three elements: average return, risk-free rate, and volatility. These elements, along with an investment portfolio’s past and future performance, can be used to assess an investor’s potential returns. The Sharpie ratio, however, is not without its share of flaws. As is the case with standard deviation, which the Sharpie ratio incorporates, it can be hard to differentiate between risk and opportunity. Specifically, due to its use of both volatility and standard deviation as a means of measuring risk, the Sharpie ratio could occasionally skew an investor’s perception of opportune investments and returns.  As was the case with standard deviation, so is the case with the Sharpie ratio. When it comes to measuring investment risk, most of the tools mentioned are invaluable. Can they be used to measure risk? Yes, absolutely. Should they be seen as an absolute authority? No, they should not. What sets apart a good investor from a great investor is the ability to use, but not necessarily depend on such tools. Beta Beta is where things get a bit less personal. Compared to the previous two, beta is another measure of risk. Unlike them, investors use beta to measure systematic risk. For those who might not be familiar with the term, systematic risk includes factors such as inflation, interest rates, climate change, natural disasters, and even wars. Investors use beta as a way of comparing investment sectors to each other. Add the stock market as a lens through which the investors view investment sectors, and you get beta. How is, then, beta used in practice. Imagine the overall market as an entity that has a beta of 1. When an investment (stock) has a beta of 1, that investment will probably move just as much as the market. If the market goes down, your investment goes down. If the market goes up, your investment goes up. In theory, beta is a means of judging stocks.  When a stock has a beta of 0.5, it means that your investment will follow the market’s rise and fall only half as much. That will make the investment much safer, but your returns will be lower. A stock with a value of 2, on the other hand, would be significantly affected by the market. Minor changes will have noticeable effects on your returns. Beta functions the same on a portfolio level. When a portfolio’s beta score is high, it’s because a lot of the portfolio’s elements have high beta scores. Both your portfolios and your investments will be affected by the market. The score only shows the extent of that effect. Value at Risk and Conditional Value at Risk As the names might suggest, Value at Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) are closely related. VaR is a method of measuring investment risk regarding portfolios and companies. Investors use the VaR when compiling their portfolios because it allows them to consider potential losses. Based on the level of risk you are comfortable with, you could choose to invest long term or short term. As an investor, you should be concerned with your maximum potential loss because it affects your returns