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Breeze Airways Stock: Is It A Smart Investment?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Investing in Breeze Airways stock means investing in a company that acts as an airline operator that aims to make traveling more affordable. It might sound slightly complicated, but in its essence, this is what Breeze Airways is – a cheaper option for travel. Due to the ever-growing need for inexpensive alternatives to high-priced flights, Breeze aviation has decided to join this potentially lucrative market.

The question at hand, however, is whether you should take part in this venture. In this case, the answer is more complicated than people would think.

What’s going on with the market?

Before deciding whether to invest in Breeze Airways or any similar business ventures, you first need to know how the market is currently faring. Here is what the most recent statistics on the market value of selected airlines worldwide have to say:

1. As of April 2022, Delta Air Lines remains the most valuable airline globally.
2. It was recently valued at approximately 28 billion U.S. dollars (which, surprisingly, is a drop from a 29.8 billion evaluation in 2020).

According to Erick Salas, who compiled the previously mentioned information, the drop was probably due to the pandemic, as nearly all airlines globally had to cease operations.

If you could pick a perfect moment for investing, it would probably have been somewhere around the drop that Salas refers to in his study. Sadly, you cannot invest retroactively, which means the moment is gone. However, that does not mean that you should not invest at all.

Many markets have bounced back from crises much worse than the pandemic. Even now, market evaluations predict a significant increase in global flight revenue.

Miklós Péter’s flight market revenue forecast, for example, expects flight revenue to increase to 698.5 billion U.S dollars in 2025. In addition, considering how most travel restrictions have been lifted, these predictions seem relatively realistic. So far, there could be potential in airway stocks investment, but when it comes to Breeze Airways stock, there is a catch.

An Intro to Aviation

To this date, Breeze Airways remains a private company and has not filed for an initial public offering (IPO). In other words, Breeze Airways stock is not up for grabs. Will Breeze Airways stock appear on the stock market? There is a possibility. But as is, the company has not announced any plans to go public.

Potential investors should keep an eye on the company because although the Breeze Airways stock ticker symbol is inactive, it will not stay that way for long.

So, why has Breeze Airways decided to stay private? There could be a variety of reasons. Some companies avoid the market until they reach certain milestones. Sometimes, initial investors set goals that the company must accomplish to guarantee investment returns. It could also be because the board of executives has clear prospects of how the business venture should develop and want to steer clear of complications.

Regardless of the reasons, Breeze Airways remains a private company. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other similar businesses that you can invest in. As is, based on Statista’s analysis of the domestic market share of leading US airlines in 2021, the best airline investments are likely to be American Airlines (19.5% of the market), Southwest Airlines (17.4%), Delta Air Lines, (16.3%) and United Airlines (12.9%).

On the other hand, if you are willing to bet that Breeze Airways stock will be available soon, which it may, there are some things you need to know about the company before you make your decision.

What Breeze Entails

As mentioned before, Breeze Airways is a new company. It was founded in 2017, which is likely to be the reason why it is still careful with its shares. Since 2017, the number of Breeze Airways’ employees has shot up to approximately 280. It is a privately held, venture capital-backed rising business.

Breeze Airways routes focus on the untapped parts of the market and currently connect over 18 states. Some of those states include Palm Beach (Florida), Hartford (Connecticut), Norfolk (Virginia), and Charleston (South Carolina). These are not massive areas that most American airline companies would focus on, which means there is room for exponential growth for Breeze Airways and Breeze Airways stock.

People often think that untapped markets are also dangerous, but in this case, it should not be a cause for concern. Breeze Airways fleets are backed by David Neelman – Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member of Breeze Airways. Neelman has extensive experience and co-founded renowned airlines like JetBlue, Morris Air, and West Jet.

On the topic of credibility, the Breeze Airways routes and fleet were sound enough to warrant investments from BlackRock (Asset Manage), Brand New Matter (Venture Capital), and Knighthead Capital Management (Hedge Fund). Few businesses have such varied key investors, which could mean Breeze Airways will be profitable.


No Breeze Airways stock ticker symbol means no investing in Breeze Airways (yet). This new but alluring company will sooner or later be part of the stock market, but currently, there is no easy way to invest in it. Will it ever go public? It is too soon to say, but chances are – yes, it will.

If you are adamant about investing in Breeze Airways stock, you should watch for any changes. Despite that, people can invest in the air industry. Breeze Airways is certainly not the only option out there.

The leading US airlines, such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Air Lines will reach new heights. Most travel restrictions have been lifted, and all airline stocks will go up.


1. How much is Breeze Airways stock?
The value of Breeze Airways stock is currently unknown. While you can find estimations online, none of them are representative of the stock worth of Breeze Airways. That is because Breeze Airways stocks are not publicly traded yet.

2. Is buying Breeze Airways stock a good investment?
It would be difficult to judge whether Breeze Airways stock is a good investment. The only way to buy them would be from employees (directly) or promoters. Both methods require extensive research and in-depth knowledge of the market. For small investors, it would be a risky investment.

3. Where is Breeze Airways from?
Breeze Airways is an American airline. Its headquarters are in Cottonwood Heights (Utah).

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